A Cork Bar is a Novel and Useful Addition to any Office Cubicle


I am willing to bet that you have never heard of a cork bar . The reason I can safely make this assumption is because my passion is seeking out unusual, useful, and versatile office and cubicle accessories and I had never heard of a cork bar before I found this unique Officemate Verticalmate Cork Bar while perusing online. (Don't miss my YouTube video below.)

This product, like many others I have reviewed on this website, attach to the fabric wall of a cubicle with stainless steel needles. Some of the other products I have featured on this site that also utilize stainless steel needles to grab onto the wall are my magnetic dry erase board, cubicle shelf, cubicle wall organizer, pencil cup, note rail, cubicle clock, cubicle utility bowl, cubicle cell phone holder, and hanging corner shelf unit. I could’ve gone on but you can easily find them all by looking at the submenu under Cubicle Storage called Cubicle Wall Accessories beneath my banner above.

Anyway, back to the Officemate Verticalmate Cork Bar, this is a rather unique and novel product and I love it for attaching important appointment cards, notes, or any other paper item that I want to have in clear view. I like to display my upcoming appointment cards for my dentist or doctor on this bar as well as any other important notes of which I want to be reminded.

Here’s a quick video of the unit in the box, out of the box, and being affixed onto my cubicle wall.

Features of the Officemate Verticalmate Cork Bar

  • Full Product Dimensions – 18.9 x 0.9 x 1.6 inches
  • Product Weight – 0.2 ounces
  • Attaches to cubicle panels or may be attached wall with screws (not provided)
  • Includes 5 push pins
  • Slate gray frame.
  • Keep appointment cards and papers in clear view.

Buy NowIf you'd like to add a really cool addition to your office cubicle this Officemate Verticalmate Cork Bar may be just the cubicle accessory for you. I enjoy using mine and my coworkers always comment on it. If you have any more questions either leave them in the comments or use my Contact Me page.

1 thought on “A Cork Bar is a Novel and Useful Addition to any Office Cubicle”

  1. I thought your headline meant a real cork bar for the ofc. You know, one with glasses, adult bevvies, & maybe some wine for the corks. πŸ™‚ Very misleading headline. Other than that, I love your emails.


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