Enhance your Office Cubicle Decor with a Cubicle Shelf


Have you ever considered a cubicle shelf for your office? If you inhabit an office cubicle like I do for approximately 9-10 hours each day, you probably want to make it as comfortable and homey as possible.

I actually spend many more hours in my cubicle at work than I do in my home during a typical work week.

If you are concerned about storage capacity, one way that you can find additional storage space and still add some cool office decor for walls of your cubicle is to add a cube shelf. Office cubicle shelving will give you more storage options in your cubicle. Cubicle shelves will open up your walls for storage which is certainly welcome in a limited area such as a cubicle.

The shelf pictured above is a Fellowes Plastic Partition Additions Shelf. It is a perfect addition to the walls of your cube because it is strong and is also decorative. How often have you thought about putting up pictures of your family in your cubicle but the only place you could really place them was on your cluttered desk?

Well, the shelf seen here solves that problem. Maybe you want to put a small clock, as seen in the picture above, or a stapler or a tape dispenser on the shelf. The options are endless for utilizing your cubicle walls when you have a handy cubicle wall shelf.

Assembling and Hanging the Fellowes Cube Shelf

(Click on any of the images below for a larger view)

Cube Shelf Box - Cube Shelves
Back of Cube Shelf
Fasteners Attached to Cube Shelf
Cube Shelf Fasteners
Fastener Attached to Cube Shelf
Back of cube shelf ready to hang
Cube Shelf on my Cubicle Wall

Features of the Fellowes Plastic Partition Additions Cubicle Shelf

  • Surface area is 4 ¾” X 17 ¾”.
  • This shelf features stainless steel points that mount on any cubicle tackable partition.
  • The shelf is easily repositioned using the stainless steel points.
  • Unique cubicle hanging shelf allows you to add space to your cubicle for office accessories, personal items, or memorabilia.
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Expand the available space in what could be a cramped cubicle. Take advantage of this unique and strong design of a cubicle wall shelf. If you are looking for a shelf made specifically for the corner of your cubicle, a hanging corner shelf unit might be another great option for you.


Cube shelving is an excellent addition to any office cubicle. You may even want to purchase more than one so you have even more space for your personal items or office cubicle accessories. If you want to add a contemporary flair to your cubicle decor, you should consider the Fellowes Plastic Partition Additions Shelf. If you are interested in more information on this unique shelf click on the image below.
Cube Shelf

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