Add Color and Practicality to Cubicle Walls with Panel Clips

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Color Cool Cubicle Wall Clips


My cubicle is my home away from home. Let’s face it – I spend more time within my cubicle walls than I do in my family room watching my favorite sports teams. It may be sad, but it is true. But,fear not!

There are ways in which you can add some spice and color to those cubicle walls with some cool office supplies. One way that I add not only color but practicality to my office cubicle is to utilize colorful cool cubicle wall clips to hang up my favorite documents and pictures. These Adventus colorful panel clips are perfect for those dull grey walls.

If you live in your cubicle like I do, you certainly understand how necessary wall panel clips are within a cubicle. Without these cubicle clips, you simply cannot fasten anything to your grey fabric walls. This is a specialized product made specifically for the fabric found in a cubicle. At first glance, I can count 14 panel clips in my cubicle at this very moment and I know I’ll be adding more over time.

Features of the Adventus Color Cool Cubicle Panel Clips

  • Allows you ease of visibility for notes, important documents, and reference info.
  • The pins in the back of each clip apply easily to fabric cubicle walls.
  • Great for hanging pictures or other personal items within the cubicle walls.
  • The various colors add a lot to the dull grey walls of a cube.
  • These versatile wall clips free up space from your desktop and makes good use of your cubicle walls.

Invest in some color and practicality for your cubicle

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If you are tired of your cubicle walls and want to add some vibrant color to your home away from home, do what I did and pick up a 20-pack of Adventus Color Cool Cubicle Wall Clips. Not only will you be adding color to your office cubicle but these panel clips will add functionality as well!

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