Cubicle Privacy – Is it Really an Option?

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My biggest beef when it comes to working in a cubicle is that it’s like working in a fishbowl. Cubicle privacy is simply non-existent. There is no sliding cubicle door, no walls that go up to the ceiling, and basically no privacy whatsoever.

If you have to make a personal phone call, you probably have to find an empty conference room or step outside unless you want your neighbors in Cubicle Nation to know your personal business.

What if you need to set up a conference call with a coworker or a customer? Without an office with a door you really have to be aware of how loudly you are speaking. My main complaint about working in a cubicle is that there isn’t a door and your office space is in clear view to the rest of the company. This, at times, makes it difficult for me to focus on the tasks upon which I need to be work.

Well, I recently came across the Quartet Premium Cubicle Privacy Screen online and maybe there is such a thing as privacy within a cubicle. Let me tell you straight out that I do not own a sliding cubicle door or a privacy screen so I cannot write from first-hand experience. I am looking into it though for my own cubicle. I find the product intriguing since it would give me the ability to shut it and gain some much-needed privacy when I need to focus. As a software developer, there are many times when I want to shut out everyone else to get my work done and this item may allow me to do just that.

Here are the most recent reviews by date that I found on Amazon. You can see that these are great but there are some from older purchases that are not exemplary. Click on reviews below for a larger image.
Cubicle Privacy Door Reviews

The following review comes from Suman Reddy on Amazon:

Bought this for work, fits perfectly. I have gotten a lot of compliments and its been a real help for me to focus at work. Excellent purchase.”

After I read this review I inquired for more info from Suman and I got this response from her:

Suman Reddy says:
hi Bob, Sorry for the late response.
1. So depending on how wide your cube entry one screen might not go all the way. My entry is about 3 feet wide and I have about a foot of open space after i pull the door closed. It covers most of the opening but not all.
2. The name plate is attaches to the top of the screen. The picture doesn’t show it but it will slide along the metal fastener that hooks to your cube.
3. I actually didn’t notice a dry eraser on my item.
4. I am extremely happy with it still. It has been a god send for me at work
5. Unfortunately I am unable to send images due to my work environment. Camera phones aren’t allowed where I work. My apologies.

Another not-so-positive review comes from Elena Zelko also from Amazon:

Even though the dimension said it would fit, it didn’t. We had to send this back and I’m still in a cube with no privacy.

Sliding Cubicle Door Features

  • Item Weight: 16 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 2.2 x 52.2 x 36.8 inches
  • Color: Silver
  • Ultra-lightweight translucent plastic screen
  • Brushed Silver aluminum frame
  • Includes a nameplate and a dry-erase message board
  • Install on cubicle panels measuring 1-1/4″ to 3-1/4″ thick
Buy Now on

This sliding cubicle door certainly is interesting for those of us who live in the middle of Cubicle Nation. Cubicle privacy is certainly an issue in this type of work environment. I have actually posted some questions to Suman Reddy in a discussion under the review that was posted. If I hear back, I will update this post to give some more information. If any of you end up purchasing this item before I do, please leave your review in the comments. I, as well as my readers, would truly be interested in hearing your opinion of the Quartet Premium Workstation Privacy Screen!

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