How to Hang Pictures in a Cubicle

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Press onto the cubicle wall.
One of my Favorite Pictures on my Cubicle Wall

This could be the age-old question for anyone who has worked in a cubicle for any time at all. Well, I have worked in cubicles for over 30 years and I actually enjoy this small, yet efficient workspace. There are many different ways in which to hang or affix a picture or poster on a cubicle wall.

I wrote a pretty definitive article on cubicle hangers and identified many different methods in which you can hang a picture on a cubicle wall. Pictures are fairly easy to deal which in comparison to hanging a whiteboard just due to the weight of a picture.

Here are some really important and helpful tips when it comes to picture-hanging in a cubicle.

How to Hang Pictures in a Cubicle (damage-free)

Panel Wall Clips

Probably one of the best investments you can make when you move into a cubicle is in a set of panel wall clips. They come in a variety of colors if you care about adding a splash of color to your dull, grey cubicle walls.

You can see what they look like on the left. On the back of the panel wall clips are 2 stainless steel needles that will easily sink into the fabric of the walls. There are many different products that rely on the utilization of the needles to sink into the walls to secure the item.

A few of them that I have written about are my cubicle wall business card holder, hanging corner shelf unit, cubicle wall organizer, and my cubicle pencil cup.

What is really great about these cubicle clips is that they will not mar the picture that you are hanging at all. Also, if the picture is wider than a small picture, you can use multiple panel clips to hang it.

No-Hole Bulldog Clips

One product I recently picked up for my cubicle walls are called Bulldog Clips. As you can see from the image on the left there is a push pin that secures the clip to the cubicle wall but the clip itself will hold the picture within its grip.

These no-hole bulldog clips come in a gold color which adds a little splash of color to the dull grey cubicle walls.

Once again, these types of cubicle clips will not damage your picture in any manner. You could also use one or two of these clips to hang a small poster which isn’t too heavy.

Scotch Mounting Squares

The image at the top of this article was affixed to my cubicle wall using Scotch Mounting Squares. They are essentially squares that will grab onto the cubicle wall similar to Velcro. I wrote about this in my article entitled How do you hang things in a cubicle.

For short money, these tiny squares will allow you to hang a picture, or even a light poster, on a cubicle wall. It just shows you how many different products there are for hanging anything anywhere in your house or in your office.

This particular product may just be one that you have never heard of which is manufactured by 3M. 3M is also known for their Command Picture Hanging Strips which can be used for many different hanging applications.

Advantus Gem T-Pins

T-Pins are one of my favorite cubicle-hanging accessories. I wrote about them in this article – Tips – T-Pins Rock for Hanging Anything in a Cubicle. These small metal items are typically used in the fabric world or by tailors for hemming pants or making covers for chairs or couches.

I discovered years ago that they are great for securing a picture or a poster on a cubicle wall without even having to stick the point into the picture.

The T portion will allow you to, after sinking them into the cubicle wall, secure the edges of the picture or poster.

Another application of a T-Pin is that you can utilize them to hang a picture frame or a cubicle clock from a cubicle wall if there is a keyhole or metal clip on the back of the frame or clock. I always insert them at a slight angle just to ensure they don’t pull out any way. You can see me using a T-Pin in this manner at the end of this article.

Panel Wall Wire Hook with Binder Clip

Hanging Calendar with Binder Clips 1
Hanging Calendar with Panel Wire Hook and Binder Clip

This is a way of hanging a calendar using a combination of a panel wall wire hook and a binder clip. The best part about this solution is that it doesn’t mar the calendar or picture if that is what you are trying to hang.

Here’s an article on Unique Ways of Using and Storing Binder Clips. Binder clips are pretty versatile as you will discover.

A panel wall wire hook is another specialized hanging item that can be used on a cubicle wall. In the example shown I am using the wire hook in conjunction with a traditional binder clip that are found in any office scenario.

How to Hang Pictures in a Cubicle (could damage picture)

Push Pins

Push Pins are utilized not only on corkboards but also on cubicle walls. The only real drawback of using a push pin is that you are going to push the pin through the picture.

I have no real problems doing this with something like a postcard but if it is a personal picture of someone in your family or a relative, I do have a problem with making a hole in the picture.

One other thing that I have done to prevent making a hole in the picture is to push the pin so that the edge of the push pin secures the picture. You can simply put a few of them around the edge of the picture.

Your options for hanging a picture in a cubicle are plentiful. I hope one of the options above depicting cubicle hangers will suit your needs!

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