6 Ways To Stay Balanced While Working From Home

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Working from Home InPost

As the world continues to deal with the effects of the pandemic, everyone is doing their best to adapt and transition to their new reality which may include a full work-from-home scenario.

While some companies have already implemented this on a weekly or monthly basis before the pandemic, the sudden and forced implementation to the rest of the workforce is a welcome concept that comes with both benefits and burnouts.

Gone are the days of you going about your morning routine and long commute just to get to your office on time. Exchange your office attire with your pajamas and have your cup of coffee on your one side and your laptop and gadgets in front are now the norms. It’s easy to go online and work, but is it though?

The problem with trends is that it gives birth to new concepts of issues we have to deal with. Being isolated during a pandemic adds up to your social anxiety. When work gets tough, you have no one to immediately turn to for help, not even your household. Another common problem is that work-life boundaries are prone to mixing up. You are doing chores, but work is at the back of your mind.

While working from home may not be everyone’s cup of tea, you can make it work. Here are some work- from-home tips that can help manage work and prevent burnout.

1. Establish a Routine and Stick to it

A routine keeps your mental, physical, and emotional energy in check. It will reinforce daily work and life habits that you want to keep for the long term. Exchange the time you allot for your daily commute and dedicate it to self-improvement instead.

Make sure that the routine is sustainable—meaning it is something that you can keep up with for a long time. Having a foolproof routine and sticking with it is an excellent habit to develop that will set you up for work-life success.

2. Set a Clear Timeline

Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, getting work done is still a priority. In this day and age, when most people work with different teams across various time zones, it’s pretty hard to be on the same page with the rest of the group. Having temporal boundaries is good communication practice for setting healthy boundaries and expectations.

You can also talk to your household and your team members about the dedicated time you need to finish your task so that they, too, can respect your time.

3. Prioritize your Tasks

Having a checklist is a good reminder of urgent things to do, but it adds to anxiety and burnout if left unattended. No matter how hard you imagine your day to run in your mind, life happens, and there will be moments you have to prioritize other tasks.

The key here is to have a checklist to keep you in check, not the other way around. If you work better in the morning, get up early and work before the day-to-day activities disrupt your focus. If you find it easier to focus at night, then do some serious work at night and leave the menial tasks in the morning. That way, you can still do both.

4. Make your Working from Home Office Comfortable

One of the perks of working in the office is having a dedicated space with just the right temperature to keep you energized and focused on working. If the ambiance at home is too comfortable or distracting, having a dedicated makeshift space can do the trick. Some people are even creating a workspace outside of their home with a backyard office.

Invest in a sturdy worktable and an ergonomic office chair. Get adequate sunlight on your desk to keep your energy focused on your work. Think about investing in an energy light especially for the dark days of winter to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder. Inform your household to minimize noise if you find yourselves easily distracted by household chores.

Add some work desk decor ideas into your workspace. There are many ways in which you can add some strategic products into your work area that will make your environment much more comfortable.

5. Meditate or Exercise

Too much work can lead to burnout in the long run. Sometimes, you may be in the groove to clock in more work than usual, but when your energy drops, immense burnout is just around the corner. Sadly, the cost of feeling long-term burnout is more than feelingoffor unproductive for a few days.

While it is easier for some to be working tirelessly at home, don’t let work be one of your qualifiers to call it a productive day. Take some time to do light exercise or meditate. Go online and look for videos that you like watching. The key to setting boundaries is balance. Make sure you have time for both work and self-care.

6. Get Quality Rest

While not every day is perfect, there will be days you will feel you are at the top of your game, and there are days that you are slumping off, remember that YOU matter greatly more than the work that you did.

At the end of the day, set a dedicated sleeping time and make sure you get quality rest. When you wake up happy and energized, be sure to get up ready to work all over again.

Balancing work and relaxation at home

Burnouts cause excessive anxiety and worry, and you may have tons of work and life stressors on your plate. The key is to deal with work and life one at a time daily. Setting physical, temporal, and mental boundaries are key to effectively manage your work-from-home scenario. Now go and do some productive work.

Author Bio

Jo-anne is an Online PR Specialist for Spiralytics, a Globe Telecom Partner She aspires to contribute something good to Digital Media someday. During her free time, Jo likes to sit back & relax to maintain her work-life balance, as she is working remotely. Likes to watch films & series about anything; as long as it’s not a horror movie, she’s good. She also likes to clean all the time; no wonder Monica Geller is her favorite in Friends.

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