8 Must-Have Modern Desk Accessories that are Popular this Year

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Modern Desk Accessories

We already know we spend too much time at our desks, and that could be (thankfully) changing in the future. However, even if your desk is only a “part-time home,” it can and should still reflect your personal style while also remaining functional.

Desks do not have to succumb to the “boring beige” palette we often think of in offices. We can infuse our workspaces with a touch of style and even whimsy, making them more inviting and ultimately making us more productive.

Modern office accessories are an affordable way to spruce up your space, with everything from tape dispensers to laptop stands now designed in styles you will love, including retro finishes and unexpected color combinations.

Fun does not mean we have to sacrifice function, and here we have highlighted some cool desk accessories to shop for while you elevate your office interior.

Modern Desk Accessories

1. On-Trend Succulents

In both office and residential design, succulents are everywhere these days. Live succulents are easy enough to care for, requiring little maintenance. However, for a foolproof accessory that you cannot kill, an affordable faux succulent will make your space feel warm and inviting.

These two-to-three-inch pots take up minimal desk or shelf space but create a big impact. Succulents are a quick and easy way to make any workspace feel personalized. If you are not the green thumb type, a faux succulent is the safest bet for a quick pick-me-up in an otherwise bland office.

2. A Quirky Conversation Piece

If you meet with clients and employees in your office, a quirky conversation piece is always fun and welcoming, such as this “word clock” from Sharper Image. The LED display tells viewers the time in words, and it can be attached to any power source with a USB adaptor.

The clock’s copper finish is a nice nod to the looks of mid-century modern design, and it will also work well with other metallic desk accessories, from brass to gold or any mixed-metal combination. This fun clock also keeps the time front and center in your workspace, ensuring you keep up with important deadlines and meetings.

This article talks about another really cool modern desk accessory, a Magnetic Poker Sculpture Desk Toy that should spark some conversations between coworkers and maybe relieve some of your stress.

3. Going for Gold: Get Organized with Accessory Kits

One of the easiest ways to create a modern desk while also eliminating clutter is with an accessory kit such as this one from Blu Monaco. These basic gold desk accessories ensure you can find a home for everything and stay organized in style. 

A hanging file folder, magazine holder, pencil holder, sticky note cube, and small letter holder are all finished in an eye-pleasing gold that is rust-resistant and will make your workspace sparkle.

Storing everything from your pens and scissors to various papers is easy with this affordable set, and gold desk accessories can instantly make a boring space look more sophisticated.

4. Light it Up

When it comes to modern office accessories, a good desk lamp is a must. Effective lighting is not only a decorative choice but an important functional one as well.

This touch control dimmable desk lamp from Best World can help you customize your space with the right ambient lighting while also ensuring you do not strain your eyes spending long hours staring at screens. The adjustable arm allows you to move the light around to specific tasks, and its sleek and minimalist design means you will not have to sacrifice valuable workspace.

5. Clearly Stylish Tools

Acrylic is an outstanding choice for those who are not fans of metallic finishes but still love a sleek and modern workspace. Many desk accessories, from scissors to pen cups, come in clear acrylic finishes. This set contains a pair of scissors, a staple remover, and a ruler, which will look great on display and are also useful everyday tools that can be paired with other minimalist and modern accessories.

6. Keep Your Phone in View—and in Style

This handy cell phone stand is the perfect blend of style and function: its sleek design is perfect for the modern desk, and it provides a convenient space for you to charge your phone while also keeping it visible if you are expecting an important call or text (or if you just need a quick scroll through the ’gram while taking a break from a grueling project).

The Lamicall cell phone stand is compatible with a wide variety of phones (including most iPhones), and if silver is not your favorite finish, you can also choose from black, gray, red, or rose gold.

This article talks about another excellent desktop phone stand from Lisen.

7. A Touch of Zen

Decorative features in modern offices can also promote relaxation, and a small water feature is a perfect way to bring some Zen into the space. Modern desk accessories like succulents and small fountains bring the outdoors and a sense of nature inside.

The soothing sounds of water can help you relax while working on a big project or unwind after a particularly stressful meeting. Visitors to your workspace will also enjoy this soothing component, and the small HoMedics tabletop fountain is compact enough to sit on your desk or a bookshelf.

A built-in pump keeps the water circulating and free from algae buildup. A simple on-off switch is all that is needed to operate this lightweight (1 lb.) desk accessory.

8. Control the Cords

Most of us operate numerous devices throughout the workday, from phones and iPads to a good old-fashioned desktop computer. This is a simple solution for powering all of our devices. This desktop power strip can accommodate 3AC outlets along with 4 USB ports.

A flat braided extension cord makes it easy to reach one wall outlet without constant cord detangling, and the power strip lays flat on your desk, taking up only a few inches of valuable workspace.

Here is a great article on Cord Management Ideas for your Cubicle or Workspace if you are looking for solutions to the multitude of cords you need to organize.

Modern offices are clutter-free not only for aesthetic purposes but also for productivity, and this power strip fits the bill when it comes to helping you streamline your space.

No matter what you choose when designing your modern office space or what you get for organizing your office supplies, you will find our selection of modern desk accessories above to be a great place to start.

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