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4 Colors that will Boost your Office Productivity

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Boost your Office Productivity

It might be a loud statement, but a number of psychological studies claim that color is, in fact, more than a reflection of light. Color is a powerful weapon that influences us on various levels: physical, mental and spiritual.

Have you ever noticed that your brain reacts to different colors differently? Well, if not, then make sure you pay attention to the changes in your behavior when you are surrounded with brightly painted red walls, or, say, yellow furniture.

It has been proven that some colors stimulate our intellectual abilities, while others target physical strength. Therefore, choosing a proper color scheme is important not only when it comes to the place where you live, but also where you work.

Let’s take a look at 4 most influential colors that will definitely boost your work productivity.

Where It All Begins

Those who ever dealt with visual arts know that color theory is built upon various color models that are used to reproduce colors in arts and design.

These color models are based on the primary colors which are a base for the entire color palette that we see and use daily.

The are four primary colors that have the strongest effect on our psychology: red, blue, green and sometimes yellow.


Boost your Office Productivity

Red is often associated with love and passion, and there is a reason for this. Not only does it actually increase the heart rate, but has a number of other effects on the human body.

Moreover, it is a very powerful color, as it reflects upon passion, strength, physical power, and even aggression.

The color of blood and a Coca-Cola bottle or can, red is one of the most recognizable and influential colors existing. Red color is best applied to the food industry, as it stimulates the appetite, as well as in the workplaces where physical activity is required.


Blue color inspires trust. Surprising, right?

If you do not believe me, take a quick look at all of the social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

You think it is a coincidence? Definitely not.

Social media is sort of a chest where we keep our often very personal information. Hence, social networks aim at being trustworthy and reliable enough to persuade us to sign up for their services.

Blue has a calming and distressing effect on humans, so it is very actively applied in the workplaces where intellectual and brainstorming activities are implied.


As you must have already understood, green is all about nature.

Most of us, if not all, associate green with nature: trees, grass and other plants. Have you ever noticed the calming effect of a stroll in the forest or a picnic on a sunny meadow?

Exactly. Green color calms us down, brings us to our roots, closer to nature and further from the urban hustle. Green stands for innovation, creativity and harmony.


Yellow is probably one of the most optimistic colors, as it boosts our activity and inspires us for adventures.

On the other hand, it is one of those colors that require special care when it comes to application – yellow overdose is fraught with increased anxiety and frustration.

Nevertheless, yellow is definitely a brave and courageous choice, as it invites us for creative thinking and brainstorming.

Is that it?

Absolutely not.

The effect of color is measured by its saturation and grading. The lighter the color, the lesser is the effect.

Pure colors do not exist in nature, therefore, we have to guide ourselves through the saturation and luminosity of the colors that we choose. Those are usually a product of the primary colors mix, hence their effect is a combination of the colors that have been used.

Apart from the primary colors, there are neutral colors: white, black and grey, as the product of their merge.

As you might have noticed, white color is considered to be universal, understandable, and clear. It can be easily perceived by any person. Painting your office white allows for bright decorations without over-suppressing of your psychological state, but is it an ultimate solution?

Logically, the bigger the office and the more people work there, the more neutral has to be the color scheme chosen, as it should match a diverse amount of tastes and perceptions.

I strongly support the idea of personalization and I am convinced that office decor and design should be oriented and aligned with the spirit and the energy of the team working there. Moreover, it should comply with the goals the company pursues and with the ideas they are loyal to in their work flow.

The best way to choose a color for your workplace/office is to analyze the nature of your craft/business and set clear goals, as well as be honest with yourself your your own/your teams´ personality.

If you are a passion-driven small designer firm that create state-of-the-art designs, do not go for a grey or brown office, as both colors significantly suppress our inner energy, sexuality and passion. Instead, add splashed of orange, yellow, purple.

If, let´s say, you are in food industry, red and pink, as well as orange and yellow are the ways to go. Natural colors work the best when it comes to food. If you aim at creating a mouthwatering product for your customers, your environment has to foster the proper energy. Do not go with green or blue (however, this is a tricky statement, as green is perceived as the indicator of organic nature in food industry!).

To Sum Up

  • Color has a powerful psychological effect.
  • Work productivity depends on the environment where the work is performed.
  • There are four primary colors – red, blue, green, and often yellow.
  • It’s not only the color that matters but also its purity, saturation, and luminosity.
  • The best color for the office should be chosen having in mind the spirit and the goals of the team/company.

It may behoove you to incorporate these 4 colors that will boost your office productivity!

About the author:
Artem is a certified FMS specialist with focus on human biomechanics and ergonomics. I help people to sit healthier with less pain. He runs the website https://myergonomicchair.com.

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