Grab the Best Leather Desk Accessories – The Ultimate Guide

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When it comes to the ultimate in workspace sophistication, nothing beats leather desk accessories. Leather has been used by man for centuries in practical ways (to provide warmth and protection), but beyond its usefulness, leather also creates a sense of opulence in office décor. This durable material also stands up to wear and tear, making it a favorite choice for everything from car interiors to dining room chairs.

Whether your leather wraps your feet or your waist, or your entire sofa, it can be counted on as a choice that never goes out of style, which is why it is so popular when it comes to modern desk accessories.

Adding touches of leather to your workspace will elevate your style, and we have chosen some of our favorites to get you started, either for your own office or as a thoughtful gift for a coworker.

Leather Desk Accessories for your Workspace

File it in Leather: The Leather Desk Organizer

One of the most common accessories for any desk is a file organizer of some sort. This leather desk organizer from Thipoten is a stylish alternative to the predictable metal or plastic file trays you normally see in offices.

Available in black, brown, or gray, this Thipoten leather desk organizer has three compartments to help organize your files by deadlines and urgency. The unit is easy to assemble with all hardware included. With high-quality leather on the exterior of the trays and a soft yet durable flannel interior section, this is one of those leather desk accessories that will instantly add sophistication to your workspace.

A Place for Everything: Leather Desk Compartments

One of our favorite storage solutions for desk accessories is this JOINTOP set of desk organizer storage boxes in stylish black or brown leather.

If you are constantly struggling to stay organized, this set helps you keep your desk and workspace neat with small compartments for everything from sticky notes to paper clips.

As an added bonus, the entire set folds up neatly into a cube so you can stash it away if you need a large space to review drawings or plans or if you simply want a clear desk for a client meeting.

Giving Leather a Spin: The Remote Caddy

Make no mistake: remote caddies are not just meant for the table next to the recliner in your living room. A remote caddy makes a fantastic desk accessory with compartments that can hold much more than remote controls (although you may indeed have those in your office to control everything from a slide projector to the window blinds).

This UnionBasic rotatable organizer comes in a number of different leather colors and other finishes, and it can hold your pens, pencils, scissors, and other desk tools in a stylish and functional piece. Its compact size (6.9 x 5.7 x 5.5 inches) means it will not take up much of your workspace, too.

The Ultimate Splurge: The 10-piece Set

This timeless and classic 10-piece set of desk accessories from Dacasso is made of walnut and black leather for a rich and opulent décor. The streamlined accessories keep your desk looking orderly while also providing a space for everything you need during the workday.

The desk set includes a 34 x 20-inch leather desk pad, two letter trays, a pencil cup, a memo holder, a letter holder, a business card holder, a letter opener, and a double pen stand.This luxurious accessory set will instantly elevate your office, and the leather and walnut combination will look impressive in client meetings and employee interviews.

Simple and Fresh: Leather in a Minimalist Office

Leather desk accessories are not reserved only for traditional office décor; they can also be used in sleek and minimalist work areas. This UnionBasic four-compartment desk organizer is a great example of how leather can be at home in a contemporary office.

It comes in a wide variety of colors to suit any office palette, and the four compartments can hold everything from hole punches to staple removers and highlighters, or it can also be used as a basic pen and pencil caddy.

The front compartment is also the perfect size for a mobile phone, keeping it in clear view, so you do not find yourself constantly fumbling for it under stacks of files and papers.

Protect Your Desk with Durable Leather: The Desk Pad

One of the most common ways leather is used in office accessories is in desk pads. We absolutely love the portability of this RingSun Dual-Sided Desk Pad Protector, which can be rolled up and fastened with a buckle after it is used. This makes it ideal for anyone who works in a variety of spaces with a laptop computer.

Made of full-grain leather and sized at 31 x 15.5 inches, this leather desk pad is incredibly durable with its tight-edge stitching, and it also functions as a mouse pad while protecting your furniture.

Fix the Dreaded Junk Drawer: Leather Tray

We all have them: the drawers where things seem to be lost forever. A place where mismatched pen caps, extra rubber bands, random batteries, tattered business cards, and crumpled receipts are tossed until the drawer turns into a mini junk heap. This is where the UnionBasic 4-Slot Leather Drawer Leather Tray comes in handy, forcing you to organize once and for all.

Available in black or brown, the tray measures 12 x 8 x 1.6 inches and has four compartments. This leather desk organizer will help you find a place for any small items you need to store at your desk.

Leather Desk Accessories: A Note On Cleaning

Many of the common products we use for cleaning will damage leather, so be sure to use only those designed for leather such as Weiman Leather Cleaner and Conditioner when wiping down the desk organizers. You can remove dust from your leather desk accessories with a vacuum attachment then gently wipe them down with cleaners and conditioners specifically designed for leather items.

Leather accessories for your desktop will add a level of class and sophistication to your workspace and they just might make walking into your office a bit more pleasing and motivating for a long day of work.

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