CaricatureWall can Make Your Office Shine

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Pyramid of Employee Mugs
Pyramid of Employee CaricatureWall Mugs

Everyone wants to work in an office that has a fun and positive atmosphere, so you’re probably always looking for ways to bring your office space alive. Well, there’s some great new products that bring some extra character and personality into your office: personalized caricatures from CaricatureWall.

We all need a little personality in our office environment and CaricatureWall does just that! CaricatureWall is a company that delivers unique caricatures of all your employees to perk up your office space and your workers, too. It’s an ideal way to make your employees feel valued, appreciated, and seen by the management.

What’s more, research has found that employees who feel a sense of belonging in the workplace are more committed and motivated to their work.

Getting a personalized mug for each and every employee is an excellent way to make new and existing workers feel part of the team, and strengthen their connection to the whole organization.

You can choose between bright and colorful CaricatureWall tiles or a practical and special coffee mug. Boost the atmosphere and increase employee productivity when you fill your office with colorful, cheerful images of your very own employees. The tiles are easily repositionable so you can make a display of all your employees together, or hang each employee’s tile in their office or cubicle.

Personalized caricature coffee mugs are just as much fun. Your employees will love drinking their morning Joe out of a mug that features their own image. It’s a great antidote to the Monday morning blues.

These personalized caricature mugs and tiles bring style and a little extra oomph to your office space. They help make your company more eco-friendly too, because sustainable mugs are far better for the environment than disposable plastic ones. What’s more, you can end the office frustration of someone took my mug once and for all.

No one likes it when someone else drinks from their mug, but in a busy office, it’s easy for that to happen. Not when your face is on your mug, though. There’s no way that anyone can get their mugs mixed up now, unless you work with your identical twin!

CaricatureWall offers a few different caricature styles, so you can match them to your office environment. There’s a straightforward caricature for colorful fun; Simpsons’-style or Pokemon caricatures for workplaces with a funky or quirky atmosphere; minimalist and sketch caricatures for an artistic or more serious office vibe; and many more options.

The decorative tile pictures are 8×8” in size, while the mugs are standard 11oz, high-quality coffee mugs that feel good in the hand as well as looking stylish.

You can also choose a water bottle instead of a standard coffee mug, or a phone case, or an apron – all with the same cool caricature design. Every mug also comes with the company logo on the reverse side.

CaricatureWall has already brought delight to over 200 companies, including Facebook, Google, General Electric, and many more. Why not join them?

If you want to add character and personality to your office, CaricatureWall tiles or coffee mugs could be the way to make your employees feel a sense of belonging and add joy to your workplace. Find out more about the styles and products available at CaricatureWall.

Author Bio
This article was written by Guy Thomas, Customer relations manager at CaricatureWall.

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  • First off, thank you for sharing this great article. I totally agree with you that a fun and positive atmosphere is what we all desire in an office. Though, not every office are created equal — not every office can be fun and positive. Personally, a sense of belonging in the workplace also motivated me to work harder and provide a better outcome than what is expected of me. By the way, I love the personalised mugs! I want to have one. Cheers!

    • Thanks Samantha! I think these days companies are doing their best to keep their employees invested in the company by asking their opinions and to emphasize work-life balance. My company has done a great job of this and, as a result, my coworkers and I feel motivated to work harder for a company that actually cares about them.


  • Thanks for the post. I think these would be a great addition to my workplace. I totally agree that when people feel a sense of belonging at work, they’re more motivated. It’s definitely the case with me and I’ve worked in several workplaces. I can already see my workmates appreciating these for sure. I know my boss would love the Simpsons caricature mug!


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