Keep your Lunch Cold at Work with a Portable Mini Refrigerator


I try to make my working environment as pleasant and as homey as possible. At my place of employment we have access to large refrigerators in the cafeteria but, to be honest, I don't like having to walk that far to retrieve my lunch and, basically, I really don't want to have to share a refrigerator with co-workers. I've also seen how dirty those refrigerators get at times…

I bought the Magic Chef MCBR240B 2.4 cubic feet mini fridge to store my lunch as well as my water bottle in my cubicle. This mini refrigerator fits nicely under my desk so I don't even have to get up out of my chair to access it. It is out of the way and I just have to reach down during the day to have some cold water or to grab my sandwiches for lunch. Once again, this is one of those cubicle accessories that my coworkers always comment on because they want one of their own!
Check it out on youTube in my office!

Portable mini refrigerators are great for work but they also have many other uses. If you have a baby in a nearby nursery or in a crib in your room, you can store baby food and formula in the mini fridge so that you don't have to head down to the kitchen when your baby is hungry.

You might want to keep this cheap refrigerator in your bar at home or in the garage to hold a few cold ones. If you are a student away at school, even though you are under the meal plan, a portable mini refrigerator is a great addition to the dorm room. My daughter couldn't live without hers and it's so convenient to store cold drinks, orange juice, left-overs from the night before, or midnight snacks.

Portable mini refrigerators are all over the marketplace but I'd like to highlight three highly-rated mini refrigerators below. You can't go wrong with any of these for your office, dorm room, or for your bar at home.

Three Highly-Rated Mini Refrigerators

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All of the refrigerators above are a good value and come highly recommended. Make your cubicle the best that it can be with a mini refrigerator. You certainly won't regret it!

6 thoughts on “Keep your Lunch Cold at Work with a Portable Mini Refrigerator”

  1. Hi, what a nice blog you have here, after looking through a lot of of your content i will most certainly come back again asap. Its so pleasurable to see an informative blog compared to a lot of others that are around, keep up the good work. Many thanks.

  2. A fridge is almost always never enough. I have a pretty large fridge myself but inevitably full most times. I especially like it as a cooler for the drinks. I have a tip for anyone interested that I keep a big box in the deep freezer to dump the waste from food stuff like fruit peels, fish or chicken bones etc in so as not to stink up my kitchen waiting for the next round of the garbage truck. This works fine for me as I have a small family so the collection is manageable.

    • Hi,

      I love my fridge in my cubicle and as long as I don’t open it up to all of my coworkers it works great for me. BTW, thanks for the tip!


  3. Bob, How do you know how much electrical load the circuit breaker at work can handle? I already have a tiny space heater and would like to add a mini fridge and microwave if the breaker can handle it.


    • Hi Anthony,

      I would ask your maintenance person at work. He/she should be able to give you that information. That’s a good point that you may want to bring up if you’re planning on running both the space heater and frig simultaneously.



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