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Workspace Organization Feature
Workspace Organization at its Finest!

As the owner of this website for many years, I tend to receive emails from readers who oftentimes let me know that they have incorporated some of my advice into their own workspaces.

Well, recently I received one of those emails from Kyle who had been reading my articles for the past few years, even before I migrated from Cubicle Bliss to Workspace Bliss.

He also sent along some images, one of them can be seen above, that you will see further down in this article. It really impressed me that Kyle was able to incorporate a lot of the products that I have incorporated into my own office, but in a very strategic manner. His workspace doesn’t appear cluttered at all, in fact, it is a testament to workspace organization at its finest.

Here is an excerpt of the email he sent to me just this past week.

Hello Bob,

The new website looks great! Your old one was relatively easy to navigate, but now it looks slicker, more modern, and even more focused – great job!

I’ll attach some pictures of my current workspace, but first, I want to express my appreciation for you and your site. Here’s some quick background – I’m a young(ish) professional in my early 30s. When I got my first real (paying) office job after grad school, I had a cubicle. I went looking online for organizational tips for maximizing the space and for product suggestions but found there was a dearth of websites or blogs out there that focused on the field of workspace organization. 

Then I found yours – it was exactly what I was looking for, and I got a number of products suggested by it to help improve the organizational capabilities of my cubicle. 

Eventually, I left that job to find something that I was more passionate about, and eventually landed a job as an office assistant. It’s ended up being the best place that I’ve ever worked at. I brought a lot of the organizers that I had had from my previous job, and earned a lot of credit and compliments from my co-workers and supervisor about how organized my workspace was.

Since my agency is considered to be part of the essential workforce, we’ve continued operating even during the pandemic, though some of our staff works from home basically full time. Two weeks ago, I was promoted to a position of higher responsibility within my agency, and assigned management duties over one of our satellite offices. Naturally, I once again brought my organizers and personal set ups over to my new workspace, which is the one shown in the pictures that I’ve sent you.

I ultimately ended up using a Post-It Desktop Organizer (which I love, and have a second one at home), a 3M Document Wedge, a Safco 2-way corner shelf unit, and two monitor stands with drawers for extra storage. All of those ideas I got from you. I’ve added some other features of my own, some of which you can see in the photos. 

Ultimately, I’d say I’m a real believer in your philosophy that if it makes your workspace more functional and more comfortable for you, it’s worth doing. Thank you Bob, for being there right when I needed your insight and advice. It’s helped me grow and prosper in my professional career in ways that surprised even me, and the resources you provided made a real difference in my work life. Thank you for helping me find bliss both in my workspace and with my actual employer. Stay safe, and take care!



Needless to say, I was blown away by Kyle’s words since, to be honest, it’s not always obvious that others are really taking my advice and implementing my ideas in their own work areas. To see a concrete example of a reader actually doing so reinforces that maybe what I am doing is really helping others. Kyle also sent along some pictures of his workspace which really reinforces his words. Please check out his workspace bliss below!

Let’s get this straight, I am not taking credit for Kyle’s stellar workspace organization. I can maybe take credit for giving him some ideas but he took it and ran! Great job Kyle and you are a great example of someone who really believes that if you make your working environment more organized and comfortable, you will succeed in doing your job well. Congratulations on your new promotion and on really putting into action a workspace that is truly blissful!

If anyone else would like to share images of your own workspace I’d love to see them. You can send them directly to or use my Contact Me page if you have more questions.

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