A GLCON Tower Power Strip will Organize your Office Power with Style

GLCON Tower Power Strip
GLCON Tower Power Strip

If you are like me you have a multitude of cords in your office powering your phone or any other office or cubicle accessory you might own.

And if you have a fully accessorized office or cubicle like I do you just might have some accessories that I have including a mini refrigerator, one cup coffee maker, electric kettle, and a really cool desk lamp.

A while back I wrote the article Cord Management Ideas for your Cubicle and it touched upon various cable ties, wraps, and organizer packs which allow you to control the web of wires in your office or cubicle.

That article gives some excellent ideas for the cords but what do you do about plugging in all of your accessories and your computer? Sometimes the traditional power strip may simply not have enough slots for the many plugs that you have in your office. That was my problem!

Well, I found a solution to my plight that actually organizes all of the power in my office and also doesn’t look like a pile of cords on the corner of my desk. In fact, it looks really classy and state-of-the-art! It’s called a GLCON Tower Power Strip. This really cool cubicle or office accessory stands vertically, has 10 outlets and 4 USB ports that you can use to power your phone or any other gadget.

Here is a quick youTube video I made of me unboxing the unit and using it in my home office.

You’ll see in the images below that in my home office I used a traditional power strip but I actually ran out of plugs and had to add an extension to it. Also, it looked horrible and unorganized which, as you know, really bothers someone like me. I think the difference is striking and I'm very happy with my new vertical tower of power and I still have plenty of outlets available for me. I also love that my desk is a lot cleaner now too without all of the wires all over it.

Before and after images in my Home Office

Before – Traditional Power Strip
with additional adapter
After – My GLCON Tower Power Strip
with outlets to spare!

Features of the GLCON Tower Power Strip

  • Full Product Dimensions – 11 x 5.6 x 5.6 inches
  • Product Weight – 1.8 pounds
  • Color – White
  • Material – Plastic
  • 10 Outlets and 4 USB ports
  • 6.5 ft retractable plug.
  • Surge protector and individual on/off switches.
  • Rotatable unit makes it easy to plug in any power source.
  • Vertical unit lends to a small footprint in comparison to traditional power strips.

Buy Now
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If you are tired of a collection of wires in the corner of your home office or cubicle, you too may want to consider a GLCON Tower Power Strip. I actually bought 2, one for my home office and one for my cubicle! If you have any questions or comments you can leave them in the comments or use my Contact Me page.

2 thoughts on “A GLCON Tower Power Strip will Organize your Office Power with Style”

    • It’s well worth the investment, believe me. The additional outlets are worth the money and it really cleans up your office or wherever you are using this tower power strip!


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