10 Standing Desk Accessories that will Boost Your Productivity

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Woman at Standing Desk

The standing desk—once only a Silicon Valley phenomenon—is quickly becoming a mainstream office fixture. The standing desk took off when employers began to understand their benefits on productivity and overall employee office health. There are certainly many work life benefits to using one.

They provide a way for companies to offer something that promotes employee wellness while also positively impacting the bottom line, which is a real win-win for any business. the multitude of standing desk ergonomic benefits cannot be underestimated.

Now that standing desks have increased in popularity and demand, so have standing desk accessories. We will take a look at some of our favorite accessories for a standing desk along with the ways they increase workplace productivity. While work desk decor upgrades can enhance your mood and ambience within your workspace you should not neglect standing desk décor and associated accessories will enhance your office health.

Ten Best Standing Desk Accessories

1. Anti Fatigue Mat for Extended Stand Times

We will start at the bottom—literally—with an important accessory for anyone who uses a standing desk. This anti fatigue mat from Sky Mat gives you the extra cushion you need to stand for long periods of time without pain and discomfort.

The memory foam mat works to alleviate and reduce lower back pain while at your standing desk and also keeping you more energized as you work. It also comes in three sizes (20×32, 20×39, and 24×70) and 14 colors, so there is a mat for every kind of office décor. This standing desk mat will surely comfort you during your working days.

Pair an anti fatigue mat with your existing standing desk to ensure your long days at the office do not turn into long nights wrestling with back pain or aching feet (you might not even need your foam roller anymore!)

Instead of a mat, some standing desk users enjoy a balance board as another option.

2. Cable Management Systems

Another important standing desk accessory is a tool to help with cable management. Cables can not only be an eyesore in an office but can create a tripping hazard as well.

Scandinavian Hub’s Under Desk Cable Management Tray is easy to mount in minutes and can be used on surfaces that are ¾-inch thick and bigger. This system keeps your cables organized and out of the way, resulting in both a neater and safer space while using your standing desk.

Cord management ideas are plentiful in the marketplace and will allow us to strategically and safely manage the multitude of cords and cables that are found in our work areas. One of the best is a rather novel product and is called a Blue Key World Management Sleeve which is an innovative and quick way to gather up cords under your standing desk.

3. Extension Cables

A taller desk often means you will need longer cords and cables to continue to use all of your equipment, so it is a good idea to keep some of the best cable extenders on hand. This 15-foot USB cable, will come in handy if you need a longer reach from your mouse to a desktop computer or perhaps from a computer to a printer stored below your desk.

4. Privacy or Modesty Panel

A privacy or modesty panel can serve two primary functions: reducing noise and eliminating distractions while at your standing desk.

A modesty panel can be important in terms of productivity in a busy and bustling workplace. This Stand Up Desk Store ReFocus Clamp-On Acoustic Desk Divider Privacy Panel comes in five different sizes and six different finishes to work with almost any standing desk. We think this is one of the best privacy panels available today.

A modesty panel is one of the most essential stand desk accessories if you find it difficult to stay focused in an environment where others work close by. Other health-related dividers, such as a sneeze guard made out of plexiglass, are utilized to keep a healthy distance from your coworkers.

5. Grommets

One of the easiest and least expensive and best standup accessories for an upright work platform is a grommet, but do not be fooled by the low cost when it comes to BIG impact. Grommets are essential to keeping cables and wires organized and freeing up space.

When strategically placed, they can also keep your work area looking neat and attractive instead of junky and cluttered. This standing desk grommet is 3.5 inches in diameter and comes in black, silver, or white. It is great for wire management.

6. Remote Controls and Smart Controllers

One of the nicest aspects of using a standing desk is the ability to use memory presets once you find the perfect height, where you can work while standing without straining or hunching over. This Electric Stand Up Desk Frame from HAIAOJIA has three convenient memory presets.

The adjustable converter comes in white, black, or grey, with an adjustable height range between 25.2 inches and 51.5 inches. A smooth dual motor lift system ensures your computer equipment can be moved safely and with ease. This is definitely one of the best on the market.

7. Desk Drawer and Additional Storage

Another important accessory to address and reduce clutter is additional storage in the form of a drawer that can be mounted under the surface of your standing desk. Here you can store everything from pens and pencils to files you need to keep within reach but out of view. A storage drawer is also great for keeping personal items stashed out of view.

There are many different under desk organizers and drawers which can help keep your supplies out of view but always where you need to access them.

This VIVO mounted storage desk drawer is one of the best and is the perfect way to add a storage component to your standing desk without taking up too much room. This organizer comes in black or white finishes and has a smooth sliding mechanism for a quiet open-and-close process.

8. CPU Holder

This CPU Holder Under Desk Mount is sturdy enough to hold up to 22 pounds and gets your CPU off the floor so it can move up and down with your standing platform. Both the height and width are adjustable, and it also swivels, making accessibility a breeze. This is why we think it’s one of the best under-the-desk mounts around.

Freeing up floor space under your standing desk allows more room for you to sit or stand comfortably while working, and this also ensures easier cable and cord management as you adjust the height of your workspace.

Want to free up work space? Consider a monitor riser or monitor stand in addition to a CPU holder. Not only will a monitor riser lift the monitor up off an adjustable surface, it also allows for more storage to clear up even more space. A laptop riser is another unique tool for your office that will allow you to tilt your laptop in a manner which will help you work more efficiently.

9. Power Bars

A power bar is a standing desk accessory that can easily clamp onto your standing platform that will make a world of difference when it comes to keeping all of your devices powered and charged. Many of us work off multiple devices throughout the day, from our desktop computers to tablets and phones.

A power strip with numerous power outlets and USB ports is a must to maintain productivity while you are working.

This CCCEI Metal Desk Mount Clamp Power Strip comes in black or white and is an affordable way to stay charged and ready throughout the workday.

10. Monitor Stand

If you prefer to use two screens, a monitor mount that can hold two monitors will also make you more productive at your upright surface. The VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand fits 13 to 27-inch screens and is easily installed with detachable bracket plates. This is clearly one of the best standing desk mount stands that you can find.

In addition to the items we have highlighted above, there are still several office products you can purchase to personalize your standing surface, from organizers to ergonomic chairs to LED desk lamps.

Standing Desks and Productivity: Why They Work

If you are still on the fence about giving a standing desk a try, consider the many ways they have been shown to boost productivity in offices all over the world. Another option could be standing desk converters which allow you to convert your existing desk into a standing desk.

Reduced Pain and Fatigue from Sitting in Chairs vs Extended Stands

Employees who are not plagued by lower back pain, which often happens as we sit for hours hunched over our desks, tend to be more productive and energetic. Even breaking from a seating position and standing for as little as 15 minutes can provide a great energy boost especially after lunch when you’ve just ordered off your favorite menu!

Improved Focus

That energy boost has an impact on our brains as well. Utilizing a standing desk have been shown to improve overall focus, which means fewer careless mistakes, yielding greater productivity in the workplace. Comfortable seating may seem really nice but it can also lull you into a lethargic frame of mind whereas standing can tend to stimulate your brain.

The simple act of standing works to stimulate our circulation, which means we have more oxygen traveling to the brain. Employees can easily end up in a slump with brain fog after sitting for hours at a time. A standing desk can change that in a big way and the items detailed in this article can certainly enhance that change.

Standing Desk Accessories can Enhance Employee Morale

By providing a standing desk and related products as an option, companies send out a message that they care about the well-being of employees. The company also recognizes the physical impacts of the workday on our bodies, which can take a mental and emotional toll as well. Companies are starting to be active and realize that a standing desk can certainly enrich an employee’s life.

Active vs Passive = Standing vs Extended Seating

Sitting for long periods of time guides you into a passive environment within your working space. Utilizing a stand desk, even though you may not be moving around a lot, lends itself to an active environment which can tend to stimulate the mind more than a passive sitting approach. This can also enhance the morale of an employee who is typically used to extended sitting.

By providing the best possible tools to employees, a business also increases overall morale, engagement, and retention in the long run. Enhancing the existing tools with quality and essential standing desk accessories will only enhance the working environment for all employees.

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