How to Hang a Whiteboard in a Cubicle

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How to Hang a Whiteboard in a Cubicle
How to Hang a Whiteboard in a Cubicle

Living within the confines of cubicle walls each day for your workspace can be challenging in certain ways. How to hang a whiteboard on a cubicle wall can be one of those challenges. Well, there are certainly ways in which to do this. Cubicle hangers are abundant out there in the marketplace. You just have to go search for them.

I’ve been able to hang heavy items like posters or a whiteboard by finding the proper hangers for a cubicle. There are some factors that come into play when it comes to hanging things in a cubicle. Does the whiteboard or a magnetic dry erase board you are trying to hang come with rungs on the back into which you can hang the item?

If the dry erase board like this one is small enough and made for a cubicle wall it might come with stainless steel needles in the back that will sink into a cubicle wall. If it is a larger whiteboard chances are they will come with rungs on the back that will allow you to hang them from a cubicle hook or some other product.

Another challenge facing cubicle dwellers is how to hang pictures in a cubicle. Hanging anything within the walls of a cubicle can be achieved with many different specialized products and some ingenuity.

How to Hang a Whiteboard in a Cubicle

One of the best products I have found for hanging a standard whiteboard within a cubicle is to use the Best-Rite Cubicle Board Hangers. What is so great about this product is that it takes into consideration the fact that not all cubicle walls are created equal!

What I mean by that is that there are varying thicknesses to different cubicle walls. It’s just a fact and these board hangers allow you to adjust to account for whatever the thickness of the wall.

You can see them in the image on the left. The top portion slides back and forth which is the adjustable portion. Obviously you do not want the board hangers to be loose and these hangers allow you to tighten the top portion to grab the walls securely.

If you were going to use these hangers to hang a whiteboard which are definitely a great option, you would simply slide the hangers to match the placement of the rungs that are on the back of the whiteboard. Then you will end up with a secure whiteboard hanging on your cubicle wall.

How to Hang a Dry Erase Board on a Cubicle Wall

I was able to purchase a really cool magnetic dry erase board from Officemate for my cubicle wall a number of years ago. This article will give you more details. I’ve used it regularly until today to write my latest projects on which I am working. The thing is, a dry erase board of this size came with stainless steel needles on the back that simply sink into the cubicle walls.

Due to the fact that this dry erase board is so small the needles work fine since there is not a lot of weight involved. But, if the dry erase board was larger you could simply use the Best-Rite Cubicle Board Hangers above assuming there are rungs in the back of the dry erase board. Any manufacturer has to have some way to hang an item of this type on the back of the item.

If you want more information on cubicle hangers you can always check out my article entitled Cubicle Hangers – Check out my Top 5. Not only will it answer the question on how to hang a whiteboard on a cubicle wall, but it will touch on simply hanging anything on a cubicle wall.

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