How do you Hang Things in a Cubicle?

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How do you hang things in a cubicle
Hanging a Picture on a Cubicle Wall

If you have worked in a cubicle for any amount of time, the question as to how to hang anything in a cubicle must’ve surely crossed your mind. A more specific example is how to hang pictures in a cubicle. I’ve worked in a cubicle for too many years that I want to count and am always looking for great accessories to help with hanging pictures, signs, artwork, shelves, a whiteboard, or a unique product like a cork bar.

There are many different products, tools, and accessories that you can utilize but it definitely matters what you are trying to hang in a cubicle. I put together an article called Cubicle Hangers – Check out my Top 5. Within that article I addressed many different ways in which you can hang things on a cubicle wall.

In the past I’ve wanted to hang light posters, single pictures, framed pictures, a dry erase board, a heavy poster, and a light jacket or suit jacket from the outside of my cubicle wall.

How do you Hang Things in a Cubicle?

Hang a Single Picture on a Cubicle Wall

As you can see in the picture at the top of this article I simply used a panel clip which is the best thing to use with a picture that you don’t want to harm. You don’t want to stick a hole in it with something like a Push Pin. No-Hole Bulldog Clips is another great option for hanging a single picture even though you pin to the cubicle wall but the picture is sitting in like a binder clip and does not get harmed. These are two great options if you need to hang a single picture on a cubicle wall without harming it.

Hang a Light Poster on a Cubicle Wall

Hanging a light poster can also be accomplished using the options above but there is another option you could use. There is a product called Scotch Mounting Squares which I used to hang a light poster as you see below from my cubicle wall. The small squares will affix to a fabric cubicle wall.

If you check out my cubicle hangers you will see that I affix the mounting squares at each corner. Since the poster is fairly light, the Scotch Mounting Squares work well for hanging a poster like this one.

If you have a heavier poster you should check out the next section.

Hang a Whiteboard or a Heavy Poster on a Cubicle Wall

One product that you can utilize to hang a whiteboard or a heavy poster on a cubicle wall is called Best-Rite Cubicle Whiteboard & Tackboard Hangers. These hangers actually grab the cubicle walls and hang from them. The hangers adjust for differing widths of cubicle walls which is found out there in offices. Not all cubicle walls are the same thickness.

These hangers can be seen below and can be used to hang heavy objects on a cubicle wall. You can read more about the Best-Rite Cubicle Hangers in this article.

If you are asking the question “How do you hang things in a cubicle?”, I hope this article has helped out. If you are looking for a more definitive article on various hangers you can use in a cubicle, please check out my Top 5!

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