A Cubicle Wall Organizer will Liberate your Office Desktop


OK, by now you certainly have heard my mantra – Use your cubicle walls to free up space on your desktop. Well, this next really cool wall organizer adheres to that mantra.

This Officemate Verticalmate Cubicle Wall Organizer has been a nice addition to my own office cubicle and it could be a good solution for your needs as well. (Don't miss my YouTube video below of this wall organizer in my office.)

I’ve talked a lot about hanging items on cubicle walls including my cubicle monitor hanger, the ever-popular cubicle shelf, pencil cup, note rail, cubicle utility bowl, and cell phone holder. All of these items utilize my cubicle walls. Instead of cluttering up my desktop which I hate, I use my cubicle walls so that I can basically expand the real estate of my office. In a small working area we have to make use of all of the area that we have available to us.

Hanging office accessories on your cubicle walls is an awesome solution when it comes to maximizing your office space. Take a good look at your office and figure out where you could move office accessories off of your desktop and onto your cubicle walls. I bet you can clear off that desk and make it a lot easier to work in your space.

Features of the Officemate Cubicle Wall Organizer

  • Product Dimensions – 3.2 x 12 x 4 inches ; 10.4 ounces
  • Color – Slate Gray
  • Keeps office supplies and personal items off of a cluttered desk and onto the walls.
  • Three different compartments to hold anything you prefer.
  • No assembly required. Just remove plastic sheathes and sink into cubicle wall.
  • Can also attach to walls with screws if in a conventional office and not a cubicle.
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There are many different specialized cubicle wall accessories out there on the market. This cubicle wall organizer is just another one in a long line of unique office items developed specifically for the cubicle. I absolutely love the fact that I can buy cubicle accessories that make my working life easier and a lot more organized. Check out what is out there and find the office accessories that will make a difference in your own productivity and life in the cubicle!

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