How to Reduce Back Pain in The Office

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How to Reduce Back Pain

How to reduce back pain is one of the most common health concerns around the world. Sitting down for an extended period of time can wreak havoc with your back.

Even airline pilots at 30,000 feet do their best to practice correct posture and so do long-distance truck drivers. Companies like Volvo are spending a small fortune developing ergonomic seats for their vehicles in order to promote the health of their drivers.

The most common causes of back pain at work include poor personal posture and office furniture which is not ergonomically correct. Reducing days off work from back pain is a challenge many employers face. Our modern-day working culture involves long hours spent sitting.

So, what can you do to keep on bringing home the bacon while looking after your back at the same time?

How to Reduce Back Pain in the Office

Lowering your risk of back pain in the office means taking an active interest in your own working environment.

One of the first things you should do, is to ensure your employer supplies you with an ergonomic desk and chair. That is often easier said than done. When it comes to ergonomic chairs, the truth is that not one size fits all. Most of us have different needs when it comes to finding the right chair for us.

Employers are beginning to wake up to the fact there are other ways than ergonomic office furniture that will help to reduce the incidence of back pain in the office. A standing desk is another option for those of us who struggle with office back pain.

Exercise at Work

Chinese and Japanese employers have long had a passion for exercising at work. Leading companies in both countries often start their day with exercise. Stretching exercises is a great way to kick of the day to make sure you stretch your spine and tendons.

But don’t stop there. Instead of just exercising in the morning, try to stand up every half an hour and do some easy stretching sizes at your desk. It may look a bit funny at first, but you will soon be pleasantly surprised how many will follow your lead.

Exercising at work does not mean you need to bring your yoga mat in and hit the floor every 30 minutes. One of the best ways to stretch your back and spine, is to do the standing warrior yoga routine at your desk. It only takes a few minutes.

The routine will stretch your back, clear your head and top up your energy levels.

Ask your Employer about Exercise Classes

How about asking your employer to put on some exercise classes at work? Let’s face it, most companies have a surplus space or room available where you can practice. The best type of classes to suggest to your employer include:

  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Tai-Chi
  • The Alexander Technique

Callanetics is another exercise format that can help to improve both back strength and posture. It was the in exercise in the late 80s and 90s, and is still around. Devotees seem to suffer less back pain and certainly have good posture. Just like pilates, it is an exercise format much favored by dancers.

Does a Back Support Make Sense for you?

Back supports are great for when it comes to looking after your back. Yes, it is easy to presume they are only meant for manual workers but that is not the case. It is really about choosing the right back support for you.

Should you be fitted for a back support? Of course, you can go and get fitted for a back support, but it is not strictly necessary. Finding the right back support is easier than you think, but you may have to resort to some body analysis.

This is what you need to keep in mind before you buy a back support:

  • How many hours of the day do you sit down?
  • Do you also sit long hours in your car driving to and from work?
  • Do you have an active lifestyle? In other words, do you exercise when you come home?
  • Are you a pregnant lady?
  • Where does your back hurt?
  • Do you have any previous injuries?

These are the top considerations to bear in mind before you order your back support.

Don’t Be Embarrassed About Your Back Support

There is absolutely no reason why you should be embarrassed about wearing a back support at work. Look at it as a technical tool that helps you to do your job better.

Should you mention it to your employer? Telling human resources team at your place of employment you need to wear a back support is a good idea. How to reduce back pain may be an issue in the company that needs addressing. If no one tells them about it, your employer can’t take action.

When Should You Wear Your Back Support?

When you do have a back problem, there is no reason why you should not wear it all day. Many back supports are very discreet and will even fit under a blouse or shirt. Also, recognize that there are different types of back supports. Wearing the same one all of the time may not help you. An example of a ComfyMed Premium Quality Back Brace can be seen below.

For instance, if you take part in office-based exercises classes, it is a good idea to try a more flexible back support. If you work with someone who is a bit of a yoga nut, they will probably tell you they often resort to wearing a back support during class.

Are Back Supports Expensive?

No, they are not expensive. Then again, can you actually put a price on your spinal and back health? The answer to that question is a resounding no.

As a matter of fact, in the long run, wearing a back support will help to save you money as you will avoid painful and expensive medical treatments such as chiropractor sessions. It will also help to make sure you will have less time off work due to back pain.

Remember that just like anything else, it is a good idea to invest in a new back support from time to time. As you age, your back will need support in different ways. Our body’s needs changes as you go through life. How to reduce back pain is one of the most important issues for many people.

The best place, and most convenient way to buy a back support, is to shop online. Your support will be delivered to you and quality suppliers always guarantee their products. Don’t suffer needlessly, do the smart thing and invest in a support to look after your back and spine.

Author Bio – John Lloyd is the founder of Your Back Pain Relief, a site dedicated to providing information and services on how you can improve and ease the issues that come from back pain. He lives in the UK, and is a keen advocate for making your daily office routine as comfortable as possible.

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