A Cubicle Sneeze Guard will Help Keep you Healthy

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The future of cubicle design is obviously changing due to the pandemic and a Cubicle Sneeze Guard may just be a common cubicle accessory going forward. Even when there is herd immunity and the majority of Americans have been vaccinated, a Cubicle Sneeze Guard may just be what the doctor ordered to keep you safe.

One thing that we have learned since COVID mitigation practices have been instituted is that the severity of flu transmission is definitely down because of this practice.

In this article Carmen Teague, MD, the specialty medical director of internal medicine at Atrium Health, cites the COVID-19 precautions of mask-wearing, social distancing, and improved hygiene practices like hand-washing and the use of disinfectants has reduced not only COVID spread but also Influenza (commonly known as the flu).

So why not promote this practice into the office such as improving hygiene practices with a Cubicle Sneeze Guard? I wouldn’t be surprised if masks don’t also be recommended in the office environment.

Think of the company savings if you could reduce the risk of sicknesses like the flu in the office? Cost is always a determining factor when it comes to any company and the addition of these Cubicle Sneeze Guards may help promote health and save money at the same time.

There are 10 different sizes of the Cubicle Sneeze Guard so you should be able to find one to fit the cubicles in your office. Most cubicle wall sizes tend to be standard but they can change based on the manufacturer.

The longest length is 60″ and the highest is 24″. The manufacturer also states that if you have some custom size cubicle wall they should be able to help you out and devise a solution.

The schematic below shows how the cubicle sneeze guards are affixed above the cubicle walls. The clamps are adjustable to allow you to secure the guards to various cubicle wall thicknesses.

Cubicle Sneeze Guards
How the Cubicle Sneeze Guards are secured

Cubicle Sneeze Guard Features and Technical Details

  • Manufacturer: SynergyCustomFixtures
  • Part Number: 656750682
  • Material: Polycarbonate (1/4″ thick)
  • Size: Various
  • Universal Pressure Clip: Adjustable grey clips (see image above) to custom fit the sneeze guard to any cubicle. Turn the wheel until it fits! (If your cubicle wall is greater than 3-inches wide, notify the manufacturer and they can accommodate).
  • Includes Aluminum Brace/Legs (w/Pressure Fit Tabs) No Screws are required. Brace/Legs to attach to top of cubicle wall.
  • Quality Protection: Made with high-quality plexiglass/Polycarbonate material (1/4″ Thick). Lighter than glass for easy maneuvering and installation.
  • Made in USA: Durable, high-quality plexiglass/polycarbonate is highly resistant to shattering or impacts. Made in Florida, USA.
  • Easy to Use: Sets up in seconds! No tools required.

If you want your employees to stay safe from germs that could lead to flu or any other respiratory issues, a Cubicle Sneeze Guard could help you stay safe in the office and be just what the doctor ordered!

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