A TaoTronics Metal Desk Lamp will Upgrade your Office Lighting with Style


I happen to think that office lighting is probably the most important aspect of any office when it comes to productivity as well as to décor.

Office lighting not only allows you to illuminate your work space effectively but it also can add a distinct ambience and style to your office environment. (Don't miss my YouTube video further down!)

I discovered this many years ago when a coworker of mine had an office cubicle that resembled a plush home office with a standing lamp in the corner that illuminated the space with a soft yet practical lighting. It was like you were walking into his home office and it truly inspired me to introduce effective office lighting into my own work space!

I’ve been using a sunlight desk lamp in my home office and in my cubicle at work for a number of years now and decided to upgrade. Believe me, I love the sunlight desk lamp which I wrote about in this article but after viewing the TaoTronics Metal Desk Lamp LED online with its 5 color modes, 6 dimmable levels, 60 minute timer, favorite function, night mode, and USB port, I decided to take the plunge and buy one for both my home office and cubicle at work.

My Office Lighting Upgrade

Images of my Before and After Desk Lamps

To be perfectly honest I am so glad that I did! It’s also a #1 Best Seller on Amazon with an average of 4.8 out of 5 star reviews. I really didn’t realize what a desk lamp could actually do these days as my existing desk lamp had an on/off switch with one type of light illuminated. The TaoTronics Metal Desk Lamp LED has so many settings and unique features that it makes it worth the higher price tag. Here is a quick breakdown of the features in the screenshot below.

TaoTronics Metal Desk Lamp Settings
TaoTronics Metal Desk Lamp Settings

The features seen above are numerous when it comes to this TaoTronics Metal Desk Lamp LED. What isn't even shown above is the fact that there is a USB slot on the left hand side of the unit which I use to charge my phone at home and at work! Let's look at the features in detail below.

TaoTronics Metal Desk Lamp LED Features

  • Product Dimensions – 18.9 x 5.3 x 17.2 inches
  • Item Weight – 4.4 pounds
  • Color – Iron Gray
  • Wattage – 12 Watts
  • 6 Brightness Settings
  • 5 Color modes
  • Favorite Function – remembers your favorite light setting
  • 60 – Minute Timer
  • Night Light
  • USB Slot for charging a cell phone
  • Adjusts to your favorite angle

You can check out my YouTube video below of me removing it from the package and setting it up and using it in my home office and work office cubicle!

I've used this awesome desk lamp at home and at work (since I bought two!) for about 3 weeks now and I absolutely love it! It is so easy for me to recommend this office lighting accessory for your home or work office. I can't tell you how many comments I have had at work from my coworkers on this very stylish and highly-effective desk lamp. The added bonus of the USB slot for charging my phone made this purchase a no-brainer for me.

More images of my TaoTronics Metal Desk Lamp

(Click on any image for larger view)

Office Lighting
USB phone charging port is a great feature!
Office Lighting
LED Lamp in my home office
Office Lighting
LED Lamp can adjust in…
Office Lighting
and LED Lamp can adjust outward…

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If you're looking for a stylish and practical upgrade to your own office, this TaoTronics Metal Desk Lamp LED is worth every penny. I have one at home and at work in my office cubicle and use them both every day. If you're looking for a great gift for a coworker or a loved one this office lighting accessory is a great addition to any office!

12 thoughts on “A TaoTronics Metal Desk Lamp will Upgrade your Office Lighting with Style”

    • Hi Johnny,
      I would have to say Yes on both counts. The light with the Taotronics lamp is an LED so it is actually more powerful at the highest setting than the Sunlight Desk Lamp. The Taotronics lamp literally blows away the Sunlight Desk lamp. The TaoTronics is currently $49.99 and the Sunlight Desk Lamp is $29.99 so I actually think the Taotronics is a bargain at that price. I love the fact that I can charge my phone with the Taotronics lamp and have many different settings of light including a “favorite” setting. It also has a night light if you want to use it. No comparison between the two whatsoever in my opinion.


  1. Hi, Bob! I am currently researching lamps for my office and came across this article. My company has horrid fluorescent lights in the offices, but they are kind enough to understand that some people have light sensitivity and therefore I am allowed to bring in a lamp. My question is this – will this light provide enough light for a small office with no windows? I am worried about getting a single lamp and not having enough light to work with. Thanks!!

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I guess my first question would be whether you would have room in your office for a standing lamp? I know that there are LED floor lamps. I just did a quick search on Amazon for LED floor lamps. Here is the link if you’re interested. I think a standing floor lamp would probably be the best option.

      The TaoTronics Metal Desk Lamp that I write about in the article might be fine for a small office but it’s made more for shining on your desktop even though you can face it away from your desk and it would illuminate the whole office. You also have various levels of illumination and it does shine very brightly. Needless to say, I love that TaoTronics desk lamp and I use one in my home office and cubicle at work. My daughter loves hers in your classroom as she is a high school teacher.

      I guess you could always buy the desk lamp I talk about and return it if it doesn’t do the trick for you. But, to be honest, I would opt for a floor lamp, if possible, if this would be the only light in your office. So have you removed the fluorescent bulb above your desk? If you have a small office/cubicle like I do it might be difficult to have a floor lamp. If so, take a shot with the TaoTronics desk lamp as it is extremely bright on the highest setting. They have cheaper versions that I purchased and maybe if you had one on each side of your desk, it would supply plenty of light for your whole office.

      Let me know what you decide and thanks for your question!

  2. I just bought this based upon your recommendation and it actually works! I’m in a cubicle island far away from the windows, and the people next to the windows keep the shades closed. It’s a worst-case scenario for me because I require a LOT of light to stave off anxiety/depression. This lamp makes me feel like I’m outside – it’s great!

    • Hi Kat,
      I’m so glad to hear that! I have now purchased 3 of these desk lamps. I bought one for my cubicle, one for my home office, and one for my daughter who teaches high school English. She uses it at her desk at school and also loves it. I’m so glad you feel the same way about it that I do. I also purchased this goLITE Blu Energy Light that I use in my cubicle during the upcoming dark months. I really get affected by the lack of sunlight.
      Kat, thanks so much for letting me know that you took my recommendation and really like the product. I truly appreciate it!

  3. Hey Bob-

    I stumbled upon your article as I am back at work after a staycation and realizing how dark and gloomy it feels in our office.. I am the closest desk to the windows but the lady behind me will not allow anybody to open the blinds because it ‘gives her a headache’.. not sure how natural light would cause a headache but that’s her claim. I clicked on the link for the TaoTronics lamp and Amazon prompted me that there was a new model available.. comparing the specs they seem to be exactly the same.. have you seen the new model at all and know if it performs any differently?

    • Hi Heather,
      Thanks for visiting my site. I just went to my article on TaoTronics lamp and went directly to the lamp and I didn’t see a new model. I would say that if the specs are identical then it is essentially the same lamp. In fact, TaoTronics has many different flavors of their lamp. The one that I purchased 3 of is the $69.99 model and is the one in the article I just referenced. If you don’t want to spend that much and don’t need all of the features you could buy a lesser TaoTronics model. It’s up to you.
      I can definitely say that you can’t go wrong with a TaoTronics lamp. I haven’t had one issue with any of the 2 lamps that I own and my daughter hasn’t had any issues with hers either.



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