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I've been living during the week in a cubicle for over 20 years. Over that time, I've learned to keep my desktop as organized as possible. I just hate a messy desk!

There are fun desk accessories all over the marketplace and you may not consider a desktop organizer fun, but I do, because I need to have an organized desktop.

I have a Post-it desk organizer in my office at home and in my office cubicle at my workplace. They are exactly as advertised. The best feature of this organizer is that it is heavy and is solid on my desktop. It is far from flimsy. They keep my Post-it notes,flags, tape dispenser, scissors, pens, and paper clips easily accessible and organized on my desktop. There is nothing that will keep your desk organized like a Post It organizer.

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If you are anything like me and need to have an organized desktop, this is an excellent addition to your cubicle environment. What is a great feature of this desktop organizer is that it comes with a starter quantity of Post-it Notes, Post-it flags and Scotch Tape. I'm just basically a fan of cool office supplies and the Post-It Desktop Organizer is certainly one of them. Another great addition to your office environment is a cube shelf which will allow you to move some of that clutter off of your desktop and onto the cubicle shelf.

Contents of the Post-it Desktop Organizer

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Post-it Desktop Organizer BoxThis weighted desk organizer is solid on my desk.
Desktop Organizer contents
Desk Organizer out of box
Desktop Organizer proudly on my desk

Features of the Post-it Desktop Organizer

  • Model Number: C50, Color: Black, and Brand Name: Post-It.
  • A weighted base desktop organizer which remains sturdy on your desktop.
  • Ability to hold 3 x 3 Post-it Notes and two 1″ or four 1/2″ Post-It flag pads.
  • Built-in tape dispenser and additional storage areas for notepads, business cards,pens, pencils, and paper clips.
  • Comes equipped with a starter amount of Post-it(R) Notes, Post-it(R) Flags and Scotch(R) Magic(TM) Tape.

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    If you are interested in an uncluttered office that is conducive to being productive at home or in the workplace, a desktop organizer will certainly help you get that way. Organized cubicle ideas or work area organizer ideas are numerous but certainly a desk organizer is a must to keep your desktop organized and free from clutter. I love my Post-it desk organizer and I know you'll love yours too!

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