A Magnetic Dry Erase Board will Greatly Enhance an Office Cubicle

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I never thought I’d be able to have a magnetic dry erase board in my office cubicle. That was until I discovered the Officemate Verticalmate Magnetic Dry Erase Board while I was searching online for one that would hang in my cubicle. (Don’t miss the YouTube video below of me hanging it in my office cubicle.)

When I was a manager a few years ago and had my own office with a locking door and a window that opened to let in much welcomed fresh air, I also had a dry erase board. But, since I have been relegated to an office cubicle I didn’t think I would be able to find one that I could hang in that space. But the Officemate Verticalmate Magnetic Dry Erase Board makes my life a lot better in my cubicle.

I love making lists! OK, maybe I’m a little bit weird. The reason I love lists is that when I check off the items on a list, I feel as if I am actually accomplishing something and being productive. I distinctly remember my Dad in retirement keeping a list of things that he wanted to accomplish each day and this would also be a record of what he actually got done. I certainly take after him when it comes to lists. I need to know that I am getting things done or I don’t feel that my efforts that day have been worthwhile.

This Officemate Verticalmate Magnetic Dry Erase Board is pretty much made for the fabric of a cubicle wall but it also has the ability to be hung on screws in a conventional office with plaster walls but I used it in my cubicle. Please check out the YouTube video I created showing me unwrapping it and eventually hanging it in my cubicle. Note I use my Hanging Pencil Cup to hold my dry erase markers. It’s the perfect accessory for this dry erase board.

Features of the Officemate Magnetic Dry Erase Board

  • Full Product Dimensions – 12 7/8” X 14 7/8” inches
  • Product Dimensions of Writing Area – 11” X 14” inches
  • Product Weight – 2 lbs
  • Attaches to cubicle panels or may be attached wall with screws (not provided)
  • Magnetic board includes 3 magnets
  • Slate gray frame.
  • Adds more functionality/personality to an office cubicle.
  • Perfect for creating ToDo lists or important notes.

Buy NowDon’t think that you have to be a second class citizen in an office cubicle. You too can have a really important magnetic dry erase board in your own office cubicle. I use mine every day and I do think it has helped me stay on track with what I need to work on each day. I also love crossing off the items I get completed before the end of each day. If you have any questions about this item you can leave it in the comments or use my Contact Me page.

After I wrote this article I couldn’t really find any good quality markers at work so I decided to look for some on the web. I found this Quartet 2 in 1 Marker Starter Kit that comes with double-sided markers, an eraser, and a dry erase cleaner solution. The double-sided dry erase markers allow you to write with a chisel point or a fine point. This is a quality set for a reasonable price.

Markers in Pencil Cup
Here are my markers and eraser in my
hanging pencil cup! The pencil cup, markers, and eraser are perfect compliments to my magnetic dry erase board.

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