Tips – A Novel Way to Use a Slinky in your Office Cubicle

Slinky as a Business Card Organizer
Using a Slinky Jr as a business card organizer

I have to admit that I love Pinterest and I recently re-pinned a pin that originated from the blog Sew Many Ways where they used a full-size slinky as a way to organize notes on your desktop that you have set up for reminders.

Well, I started a group board in Pinterest called Cubicle Nation that is becoming very popular and if you would like to become part of this group board just leave a comment on one of the pins or follow the board and I’ll send you along an invite.

Anyway, the pin of the full-size slinky was commented on by one of my followers whose name is Thelma where she mentioned

I have a mini slinky I got from target. I use it to hold business cards.

What a great idea! So I commented back to her asking her if she could send me along some pictures of how she uses her Slinky Jr in her office to hold her business cards. Here are a few of the pictures she sent along.

Different Views of Using a Slinky Jr as an Organizer

(Click any image below for a larger view)

Slinky on its side
Slinky on desk
Slinky as an organizer

If you are interested in purchasing a Slinky Jr click here. Another tips article I recently published was unique ways to use and store binder clips. You might find it interesting!

If you have any interesting and novel ideas for the office environment that you could share with my readers, please let me know at my Contact Me page. And don't forget that you can follow me on Twitter and Pinterest. And Many thanks to Thelma for sending along these pictures!

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