Let your Co-Workers Know your Attitude with The Daily Mood Desktop FlipChart


Are you the type of person who tends to be moody especially at work each day? Well, I certainly have my moods just like everyone else and I recently picked up a visual indicator that I use to let my co-workers know exactly how I feel each morning.

It is called The Daily Mood Desktop Flipchart and it’s a fun way to get your attitude across to your fellow workers.

I bought it as a cool desk accessory for my office cubicle and it really has turned out to be just that! I bought another desk accessory called Flip It which I wrote about in this article which lets me communicate to my co-workers my current work status. The Daily Mood is all about your attitude and I just place it next to my flat panel monitor on my desktop and choose the word and associated emoticon that indicates how I am feeling that morning. It has become a conversation piece with my co-workers because they are always interested in what mood that I have chosen for that particular day.

There are 47 different moods from which you can choose and on the back of each chart are funny definitions of each mood, witticisms, a synonym, antonym, anagram, and a Pig Latin translation. It’s just a fun addition to the office desktop and just another way to help make the day fly by.

Here are some images of The Daily Mood Desktop Flipchart

(Click on any image for a larger view)

Antisocial Mood

Borderline Mood
apathetic mood

Chill Mood
Cranky Mood

Hunky-Dory Mood
Hunky-Dory (My favorite)

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This cool desk accessory makes a great gift for your spouse, co-worker, boss, or friend. It can also be used in a home office or in the kitchen if you want to let the rest of your family know how you are feeling each day. I am enjoying The Daily Mood Desktop Flipchart in my office cubicle and I think you just might too…

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