A Vintage Perpetual Calendar is a Timely Addition to your Desktop


I am always on the lookout for products for my office that not only looks nice but also adds value. I found this Buery Wood Block Perpetual Calendar which not only looks really cool on my desktop, but also keeps me on track and current.

I do have a large monthly calendar on my wall but I think it’s great to have a day calendar unit on my desktop. The base of this particular unit is not solid wood but made of more like a pressed-board material. The individual day numbers, month name, and day name blocks are all made out of solid wood.

Every day and month of the year is accounted for in this Buery Wooden Vintage Perpetual Calendar so you are always going to find the right combination of months and day numbers to match your current day. There also is no year so it can be used for as long as the calendar stays in one piece.

The base is 4.5″ long by 2.5″ deep by 2″ high. With all of the boards in the unit, the height will go up to 5 3/4″ which is really a perfect height for eye level. The contrast in number boards to the month boards going from a white with gold numbers to a natural wood grain with white letters is very easy on the eyes. It also certainly helps the date, day, and month stand out on your desktop.

Perpetual Calendar Images in my Home Office

(Click on any image for a larger view)

Perpetual Calendar
Perpetual Calendar on my
Home Office Desktop
Perpetual Calendar
The base unit of the Perpetual Calendar
(this is made of pressed board, not wood)
Perpetual Calendar day numbers
Solid Wood Day Number Boards
(white with gold numbers)
Day Boards
Solid Wood Day Boards
(white with gold letters)
Month Boards
Month Boards
(solid wood with white letters)
Top View
Top View of my Vintage Wooden Calendar

Buery Vintage Perpetual Calendar Features

  • Product Dimensions – 5.6″ X 4.5″ X 2.5″
  • Item Weight – 10.6 ounces
  • Color – Various – white, wood grain, gold
  • Material – Base unit – pressed board, Number and month boards – wood
  • 4 number boards, 3 month boards and 2 day boards
  • Fashion Decor: Stylish and practical
  • Suitable for small kids – it can be a tool for learning numbers and dates.
  • Without any years displayed, this calendar can be used year after year

If you think this really cool vintage wooden calendar would work in your own office or cubicle, it should last forever – literally timeless! If you have any questions of comments please leave them below or use my Contact Me page.

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