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Wall Desk Organizer – Get Organized and Easily Expand your Office Footprint

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Wall Desk Organizer
A Colorful Wall Desk Organizer

For anyone who struggles to stay organized, a desk can quickly and easily become a disaster. All that open space means room for things to pile up, for papers to be scattered, and for a collection of used coffee mugs to take over until they are taken to the sink. This is where a wall desk organizer can help!

Clever storage and organization in a workspace often mean thinking beyond the desk. Keeping that space as clear as possible, with minimalist design and accessories, can yield greater productivity. Modern desk accessories are important in an office but there is only so much desk with which to work.

So, where can we go to get organized if not on the desk itself? Well, you could consider tidying up your office desk drawers. In many cases, all you have to do is look up or look down. Utilizing the space under a desk (such as an under desk organizer) or the wall above or beside it can make a big difference in how your workspace functions.

Here, we will focus on maximizing wall organization with simple but strategic accessories that will get you organized with little effort.

Before You Buy: Prep for your Wall Desk Organizer

It is easy and tempting to start buying desk accessories without thinking through your specific needs and what would truly help you stay organized. Not everyone needs a filing system if you rarely work with paper; on the other hand, some people need multiple filing trays to keep up with projects and deadlines.

Some may require visual calendars to keep up with important meetings, whereas others may rely only on a digital schedule.

Before you choose a wall desk organizer, consider your priorities: is it a calendar system? A storage unit for small items like pens, tape, paper clips, and scissors? A tray for files?

Popular Wall Desk Organizers

For Fans of Files (and More)

If your primary objective with a wall desk organizer is to get files off your desk, this heavy-duty mesh hanging file organizer from NEATERIZE is the perfect choice for you. The easy-to-mount unit comes with small sections to label the file compartments, as well as a handy bottom tray to hold a stapler, sticky notes, binder clips, or other items you want to clear from your desk.

Available in gray, black, or white finishes, this organizer works well in any office and can be placed directly on a desk as a standing unit if you do not want to mount it on a wall. Measuring 12.5 x 16 x 4 inches, this organizer also fits in small spaces if you do not have access to a tremendous amount of wall space in your office. It can be used to sort and store bills, invoices, client notes, and more.

A Wall Desk Organizer System You Can Personalize

This wall grid panel from NEX is a great way to get items off your desk and personalize your workspace with style. Hanging baskets and clips can be attached to the grid where you can store office items mixed with accessories such as small succulents or family photos, or flowers in a mason jar.

Best of all, you can move the clip-ons around on the grid to change the look (and function) as needed. The grid package comes with three baskets (one large and two small), 20 metal clips, 4 anchors, and 4 nails. The only finish offered is black, but those who enjoy DIY projects could also spray paint the grid and accessories in fun colors to match existing office decor.

A Space for Everything

This Wall35 Amalfi hanging file folder system cannot be beaten when it comes to overall space for various items. The two hanging basket trays can hold everything from paper files to pen caddies, notepads to index cards, and tape dispensers to staple removers. The baskets can be used as magazine holders as well.

This versatile system of wall pockets works well in any office and for any occupation. Depending on the wall space you have available, you can hang the compartments together as shown, or you might place them on separate walls to create “zones” for certain items and folders (for example, those that are time-sensitive versus those that are not).

For Short-Term Spaces

A challenge for anyone working out of a rental home or apartment is the fact that you may not be allowed to mount something on a wall with screws, or you might just want a system you can easily move to your next space.

This organizer kit from Wall Pops provides a great way for you to use wall space to stay organized without damaging the wall. A peel-and-stick system makes it easy to put up and take down, and the kit includes a cork board, push pins, and a dry erase marker. Here is another really cool Wall Pops dry erase calendar that I use regularly for my monthly planning.

Put It on a Pegboard

Another customizable option for office storage and organization is the Keepo Pegboard Combination Kit, which comes in a bright white finish and two size options. The pegboard system is durable and can hold up to 20 pounds, with the larger model containing four pegboard panels, two shelves, two containers, seven hooks, two clips, and a letter holder.

All the accessories can be moved around to create different styles and hold seasonal items to add a touch of style to your office, from a spring flower vase to a small pumpkin or even some festive string lights.

For a Rustic Look in a Home Office

The sleek metal finishes we often associate with office decor may not fit every workspace. In some home offices, the accessories may be designed to match the home’s rustic décor.

This Superbpag Wood Wall Mounted Organizer is a great alternative to those sleek metal systems, with a simple hanging file compartment made of rustic wood and available in two distressed finishes.

This system works well for traditional paper files, but the compartments can also hold everything from scissors and legal pads to extra copy paper and pencils. It comes with mounting hardware for easy installation and helps you clear up much-needed desk space with an attractive way to organize.

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