Monitor Mirror Review – My Top 5

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Monitor Mirror Review - My Top 5

I can certainly say with passion that I love my monitor mirror! Since my back is always facing the corridor I can always tell when someone is either walking by or walking into my cubicle looking for me. As I wrote in this article, people are surprised when I address them by name before I even turn around in my chair. They think I might have eyes in the back of my head! (Don’t miss my YouTube video review at the end of this article!)

A lot of computer mirrors have been purchased by readers who have visited this site over the past few years. As a result, I have been able to accumulate a lot of statistics related to those purchases. I have also made it a point to personally purchase the top 5 most popular mirrors. This would allow me to review them all objectively. I hope the information below will help you to make an educated decision on the perfect mirror for your own office space. Here are my Top 5 monitor mirrors! These are in order of how many have sold via this site, starting with the least and #1 is the most!

Monitor Mirror Review – My 5 Most Popular

#5. GoodRuler@ Computer Monitor Vision Rear View Mirror

GoodRuler Mirror
GoodRuler Monitor Mirror

(4/30/2018 Article Update – This mirror is currently unavailable on Amazon. Scroll on down for better mirrors as this one was pretty flimsy anyway.) If you are looking for the economical route as far as computer mirrors are concerned this GoodRuler@ Computer Monitor Vision Rear View Mirror might just be your best option. For just over $3 you can get yourself an economical mirror.

There are 92 customer reviews on Amazon which average out at 2.5 stars which isn’t ideal but for the money it’s hard to beat. The mirror comes with a couple of triangular pieces of Velcro with an adhesive backing. One will adhere to the monitor and the other will adhere to the mirror and the Velcro will keep the mirror attached to the monitor. It’s an easy solution. There is a notch in the back of the mirror which allows you to attach it easily to the corner of a monitor. The mirror itself is covered with a plastic cover for protection and you simply have to remove it to reveal a clear shiny mirror.

#4. CIPA 49402 4″ x 5.5″ HotSpots Oblong Stick-On Convex Mirror

CIPA 49402 4" x 5.5" HotSpots Mirror
CIPA 49402 4″ x 5.5″ HotSpots Monitor Mirror

The CIPA 4” X 5.5” HostSpots Oblong Stick-On Convex Monitor Mirror is a great value for a mirror. These are actually advertised as a rear view mirror in a car but, if you read the reviews, most of them use them to attach to their computer monitor or somewhere else in their cubicle. There were a number of complaints about the adhesive that the mirror comes with is not strong enough. Some solutions are offered such as using 3M double-sided tape instead of the adhesive supplied with the mirror. I found that the adhesive was plenty strong as you will see in the YouTube Video.

#3. Clip-On Rear View Monitor Mirror for PC Monitors or Anywhere By Modtek

Modtek Clip On Rear View Mirror
Modtek Clip On Rear View Monitor Mirror

This Modtek Clip-On Rear View Mirror has been a big seller on this site and I think it’s because you don’t really have to worry about adhesive since it’s a clip-on mirror. That certainly gives you the flexibility of being able to move it anywhere around your office or even at home. It also has an adhesive option but it appears that the reviewers don’t use the adhesive. One particular reviewer found that it didn’t easily attach to his flat panel monitor so he attached it to a shelf above his desk and it worked perfectly. This one is pricier than the other options shown thus far but what I always say is you get what you pay for (most of the time, that is…).

#2. See All ICU7 Personal Safety and Security Clip-On Convex Security Mirror

See All ICU7 Personal Safety Clip On Mirror
See All ICU7 Personal Safety Clip On Mirror

Let me just say one thing about this See All ICU7 Clip On Monitor Mirror – it is huge in comparison to the others. In fact, I found it much too large to use on my flat panel monitor. In fact, someone used this same mirror to view people coming down the corridor at a corner right down from my office. I think this mirror has other uses than on a flat panel monitor and would work well on a shelf unit in the corner of your office or anywhere else in your office.

#1. iViEW Computer/Laptop Monitor Rear View Mirror

Cubicle Mirror
iViEW Computer/Laptop Monitor Rear View Mirror

The iViEW Computer/Laptop Monitor Rear View Mirror is my #1 monitor mirror and it just happens to be the one that I use every day in my cubicle. I purchased this mirror back in March of 2013 which is over 3 years ago and wrote about it in this article. The article will give you many images and steps on how to affix it to your computer monitor. This mirror uses an adhesive and it has been rock solid on my computer monitor as I stated for over 3 years. I placed it at the left corner of my plat panel monitor (as seen in the image) and I use it every single day as my back is to the corridor as I sit in my cubicle. I absolutely love it and highly recommend it.

Check out my video review below and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments or use my Contact Me page!

Disregard any references to That was the former name of this site!

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