Expand and Elevate your Cubicle Storage with a Desk Shelf


If you inhabit a cubicle or a small office each working day, it makes a lot of sense to take full advantage of whatever space that you do have available to you.

You simply cannot increase your square footage but you can make good use of storing your office items on various levels. I like to compare this to building a skyscraper in a city. There is only so much real estate square footage so why not build up?

Just like I’ve recently started using my cubicle walls by purchasing cubicle accessories such as a cubicle shelf and a hanging letter tray, I've also taken advantage of using different levels with a desk shelf. The one shown to the left is the Safco Onyx Off-Surface Shelf and is very close in dimensions and design to the one I have in my office (seen in the images below).

You can store books, office items, and personal items on top of the desk top shelf while, at the same time, you can store other items below the shelf. The following is my desk shelf in my cubicle at work empty and full.

Images of my Desk Shelf in my Cubicle at Work

Office Desk Shelf Empty
Office Desk Shelf Full

As you can see from the images above, I store anything and everything on my office desk shelf. It is perfect for large text books and other office items and the best thing about it is that I still have enough room to store other items like my tissue box and coffee cups. I'm sure you can imagine how you could utilize a desk shelf such as the one shown here in your own office or cubicle.

With the proliferation of different types of office items today, I'm sure you can imagine that there are many different types of desk shelves available in the marketplace. The three desk shelves below are 3 popular cool office supplies that should do the job no matter which one that you choose for your own office.

Three Highly-Rated Desk Shelves

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As you can see from the above images, there are many different flavors of desk shelves that you can purchase. Some are equipped with small drawers as can be seen in the image in the middle above and there are many different dimensions and materials from which you can choose.

If you want to expand the storage capabilities in your office or cubicle, a small investment in an office desk shelf will be well worth the money!

5 thoughts on “Expand and Elevate your Cubicle Storage with a Desk Shelf”

  1. I’m not a cube dweller but my husband is new to cubes this year. Thanks for spending so much time putting this information out there. However, what about noise problems? I might have missed it but don’t see any suggestions. Here’s what we’ve found found so far. A good CD to block noise is called “Ocean Waves, Wind and Rain: Relaxing Sounds of Nature.” A really good headset is Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones. It’s pricey but works better for those with glasses because it doesn’t pinch. It really blocks outside sound and whatever you listen to will sound wonderful. Both are from Amazon because of their solid reviews. C-Net also liked the headphones a lot. There’s a video review on their site as well. Thanks for the great reviews and good book.

    • Hey Nan,
      I appreciate your comment and for the detailed information about blocking out noise. I have addressed that issue in this article about my AYL Bluetooth headphones. I use them every day and they certainly help drown out the noise in the hallways and from nearby cubicles. I actually sit across from a popular conference room and oftentimes the attendees don’t close the door so I have to listen to them. Although I must say more often than not I will go over there and shut the door myself!
      I appreciate your comments!


    • Hi Chris,
      I inherited that desk shelf from another person when they left the company. There is no model number on the unit and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere on Amazon or anywhere else. Sorry but I hope you can find another version that will work for you.



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