Energize your Work Life with Innovative Workspace Redesign

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Innovative Workspace

Establishing the right atmosphere and area to work in by creating an innovative workspace can make a huge difference in your workplace productivity.

While some large companies have recreation centers and indoor play areas, this is not always an option for the smaller firms. However, the same result can be achieved by making a few small design tweaks to your own work space.


The more comfortable you are at work the more productive you will be; if you sit in a chair which gives you back or neck pain you will not be as productive as you could be. This is common sense as well as a scientifically proven fact. You chair should support your back while your knees are bent at ninety degrees with your feet flat on the floor. There are a number of factors which should be considered when looking for an office chair. This article discusses 5 keys to finding the best office chair.

Another extremely popular ergonomically-related office product in the day and age is the standing desk. Companies such as VARIDESK have created many different flavors of standing desks which can be raised and lowered easily for standing or sitting. Some are designed specifically to fit into tight spaces like cubicles or modular spaces. Typically there is no assembly required so they can instantly transform your workspace into completely new configuration.

Belkin Gel Mouse Pad
Belkin Gel Mouse Pad

Ergonomic gel mouse pads like the one shown here from Belkin are all the rage these days as they support the wrist in an effort to combat repetitive motion disorders such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Companies even are be willing to pay for accessories like these in an effort to reduce potential out-of-office issues that could arise from these types of repetitive motion injuries.


Clean DeskPale colors have always been associated with a more soothing, productive environment and this is true within the workplace. However, the latest research takes this a step further and suggests that the intensity of a color can make a radical difference to the level of productivity.

Blue is associated with stimulation of the mind, yellow with creativity, red with the body and green for calming. The brighter the color the more stimulating it will be while the lighter the color the more soothing.


Desks which are not cluttered will encourage productivity. There are several reasons for this; less distractions, a desire to get work done to return the desk to a clean state and an easy way to access all your files; whether paper or digital. This article chronicles 20 small office organization ideas which should help you with the potential mountains of clutter which can arise during working hours.


Plants and the idea of bringing the outdoors inside will always have a positive effect on productivity. It is believed that the presence of a plant helps improve air quality and makes you feel happier and more productive. Utilizing office plants as one of the ways to boost office ambiance is discussed in an article on this site entitled How to Make Your Cubicle More Like Your Home.


Philips Energy Light
Philips Energy Light

Natural light has been shown to improve the productivity and general level of optimism in any workplace. It may not always be possible to have direct light into every office, but walls can be painted a light color and mirrors placed in strategic places will bounce the natural light around and create a brighter atmosphere.

You could also invest in a sunlight desk lamp which is discussed in this article. Another option which is especially helpful during the long dark winter days is an energy light which can be utilized as light therapy to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Open Plan

For many years it has been felt that open plan offices were the best way to improve productivity as people can quickly and easily share ideas. Happy EmployeesHowever, the latest research suggests that a return to offices will improve productivity.

This is because the collaboration which is encouraged in an open plan office actually discourages it. Very few people want to discuss anything where everyone can hear everything that is going on. In fact, many employees in open plan offices wear headphones to block out the background noise!

If open plan is the only option then you will need to make sure that there are plenty of nooks and crannies where people can discuss business and even personal matters together. The secret to a really productive relationship is in trust.


Anyone who feels chained to their desk will reach a saturation point during the day. It is essential to have space where people can walk and escape their desks. This will ensure you are able to focus better when you return to your desk. It is also essential your company create a culture where it is acceptable to walk around for twenty minutes. Even if there isn’t a place to walk inside the office maybe a brisk walk outside is an even better option. Not only are you being exposed to light but also to fresh air which should help you focus better on your return to the office.

Office Accessories

Office Accessories

An innovative office design makes employees happy but also more productive. If you want to keep engaged, consider proper accessorizing your office space.

Decorate it according to your own sense of style, and make your business environment look both appealing but also productive. Add a nice vase with seasonal flowers and bring a sleek coffee mug into your office to accent that enjoyable coffee break. Consider buying a portable mini refrigerator that fits under your desk so that you have quick access to your lunch or a cold beverage. Create the best ambiance and you’ll surely love coming to work daily. This article goes into detail about office accessories which can be utilized to not only dress up your office or cubicle but to help you stay more organized in a small space.

In many workplaces it is not acceptable to simply be walking around and not appearing to be working. In fact, allowing this type of behavior by your employer will encourage trust and build an atmosphere where people want to do their best, simply because they are comfortable and happy at work. If you think outside the box and do your best to redesign your office space it should lead to a much more productive you!

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Charles Goodwin loves to decorate his home and office in new and different ways. He keeps sharing his ideas and latest trends in interior designing through his articles. He also works for a site http://www.tomfaulkner.co.uk/ offering wide range of coffee table, handmade furniture and all kinds of designer furniture.

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