Must-Have Cubicle Cleaning Supplies


OK, I understand that the topic of cleaning an office cubicle is not a sexy one! But, if you are anything like me when it comes to cleanliness, you are probably someone who is very conscientious about having a very clean office.

It always amazes me when I walk by someone’s office and it looks like a pigsty! I always wonder to myself, if their office looks like that, it scares me to think what their home looks like… Anyway, I make it a point to keep a very clean and organized office cubicle and there are two items that I utilize regularly to keep it that way – disinfectant wipes and dust and lint remover.

Each week I make it a point, usually on a Friday, to take out a couple of wipes from the plastic container that my work provides me, and wipe down my desktop. I eat my lunch in my office every day since I have easy access to it since it’s in my portable mini refrigerator just under my desk. If you read this article, you also know that I make my own coffee each morning with my personal one-cup coffee maker. And recently I made another purchase of a hand-crank burr coffee grinder that I use each morning that I wrote about in this article.

The fact that I eat and drink in my office cubicle, it can lead to spills, crumbs, and small shreds of coffee beans (due to the grinder) on my desktop. So, I always want to ensure that I am constantly cleaning up anything that is left over on my desk. The disinfectant wipes work great in my office but that isn’t the only cleaning supply that I use regularly.

In any job today, a computer is used constantly every day. I don’t know of any way to clean out a keyboard other than using a can of compressed air which is also known as dust and lint remover. Before you use it though, give a shout out to your neighbor that you are about to use it because I’ve had complaints from neighbors that I scared the life out of them without warning them that I was about to press the trigger. 🙂

So, if you haven’t been regularly cleaning your own office cubicle, you might want to look into these two cubicle cleaning supplies. You have many different options when it comes to products that will help you maintain a spotless and organized office cubicle, so go find the ones that work for you!

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