Add a Fun Desk Cell Phone Holder to your Cubicle


The cell phone industry is obviously growing and there are a variety of smart phones available for purchase in the marketplace. I think it's hard to find anyone these days who doesn't own a cell phone even if it's just a flip phone.

I recently walked around the offices at my workplace and noticed that the people I saw who owned iPhones or other smart phones had their cell phones sitting right on their desktop.

I figured that a reasonably-priced desk cell phone holder would be a great present to buy for a few co-workers. So I started researching them and ended up buying the Cellet clear desk cell phone holder due to the fact that it was reasonably-priced and, based on the reviews, it was sturdy.

My brother also recently purchased the latest Samsung smart phone so I figured I would get one for him also. I happen to be a relic and still own a flip phone because I simply don't want to pay the monthly fee for an iPhone just yet. Instead of waiting to give the gifts to my co-workers for Christmas I figured I'd give it to them early.

The pictures below show the stand without the cell phone and one with the cell phone. Both of the co-workers I bought the cell phone holders for love it and are thinking of buying one for their loved ones as well. Check out the images from one of my co-worker's cubicle below. I have also included some other popular cell phone holders below those images.

The Cellet desk cell phone holder in the Office

Cell Phone Holder
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The Cellet cell phone holder in a place of prominence in the office cubicle for clear visibility throughout the day.
Cell Phone Holder
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If you are looking to add a fun desk accessory to your office cubicle, you cannot go wrong with one of the desk cell phone holders that are available today. It's also a perfect gift for that smart phone junkie that has everything!

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