Cubicle Décor Tips – Create an Ivy Cubicle Wall

Ivy Cubicle Wall
Ivy Cubicle Wall
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I’m sure you have seen a wall of ivy on the side of a statuesque political or educational building before and found it fascinating. Well, I surely have and always found it interesting how the ivy climbs up the wall of the building and basically becomes the texture of the building.

Well, I was walking into work the other day bright and early as I typically do and saw the outside of a cubicle wall adorned with what appeared to be actual growing ivy.

I have obviously seen plants in offices before but I have never in my life seen a plant growing up a cubicle wall before and thought it was really cool! There was a plant which looked a lot like some type of ivy in a pot on a small table just outside the cubicle and the plant was growing up the side of the cubicle wall.

A rather novel use of push pins was utilized to guide the ivy up the wall which was another thing I have never seen before. I think I would’ve used cubicle hooks or panel wall hooks that I reference in my article Cubicle Hangers – Check out my Top 5. The cubicle hooks or panel wall hooks wouldn’t be as harsh on the plant in my opinion. It just goes to show you what you can do with a little decorating talent and ingenuity. This particular cubicle wall borders a wall of windows so the plant gets plenty of light and has done very well by growing in so fast in such a short time.

Cubicle Decor Tips – Create an Ivy Cubicle Wall

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Push Pins holding ivy onto the cubicle wall.
Push pins holding up ivy. Cubicle hooks or panel wall hooks may be a better option to prevent injuring the plant.

Another option for the cubicle dweller is to place the ivy plant on your desktop and let the ivy grow up the wall on the inside of your cubicle. Granted, you lose some wall space but the novelty of having a plant growing up the side of your cubicle wall is certainly unique!

It always amazes me what people can think of to add some spice to their working lives. I just wish I thought of it in the first place! Got any decorating ideas you’d like to share? Please leave them in the comments.

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