Write for Us

Do you have an office-related product you'd like to tell my audience about? Maybe you have a productivity/efficiency/organizational tip or solution, or humorous office-related story that you'd like to share on the pages of this blog?

I would be especially interested in solutions that you have discovered in the workplace environment that have aided in your productivity.

Any cubicle accessories that help you stay organized and productive, or just to make your workplace a happier place, are always welcome. You are also welcome to send images of your work office/cubicle or home office as part of the article or just as a separate image.

Showing others how you have created your own office environment just may be helpful to them in their own quest for cubicle bliss!

If it's a product (preferably sold on Amazon.com), I am always looking for hands-on reviews of products that can benefit my readers in their own offices or cubicles. I will be very discerning when it comes to what I publish on this blog. It has to be appropriate and useful to my readers.

An author's bio (1 to 3 sentences) will be required at the bottom of the article. In that bio, you are welcome to provide ONE link (it will be DoFollow). There will be no links allowed in the body of the article.

If you are interested in writing for this site, please send along an email using my Contact Me page. You should pitch a topic first and I will get back to you on whether it makes sense for my site. If you send a form letter requesting to write on my blog, I will not respond to it. If you send an article without pitching it first, I will not respond to your correspondence.

Please be aware that I will only publish quality content on this blog. If you send me low quality articles that are not relevant or add to my readers' experience, I will quickly reject them. I will uphold the highest standards here at Cubicle Bliss and, if you don't adhere to those standards, your article will simply not be published. Please be aware, that based on my guest post backlog, it may take a few weeks to publish your article.

I look forward to reading your high quality contributions!