Represent Yourself Well with an Over the Cube NamePlate Holder

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NapTags NamePlate Holders
NapTags Name Plate Holders

I created this website because I am passionate about trying to improve my office environment in any manner that I possibly can. As the owner of this site, I oftentimes receive products from companies looking to promote those products. One such company that I was recently contacted by is called NapTags. They manufacture all different types of tags, signs, and nameplates.


They had contacted me recently prior to sending along a couple of Over the Cube Name plate Holders with my name and the exact thickness of my cubicle wall which I had sent to them. I have written many articles on cubicle wall accessories such as my cubicle clock, cubicle cell phone holder, cubicle wall pocket, and the ever-popular cubicle shelf. The first thing I noticed was that they were packaged really well as you can see from the images below. It’s not that the nameplate holders are flimsy at all, in fact quite the contrary, but just the fact that they make it a point to package them well is very important to me or any customer.

(Full disclosure: Since I received the over the cube nameplate holders, has become an advertiser on this site. I do not receive any compensation for any NapTags sales generated from this site but does pay a fee to me to advertise on my sidebar).

The nameplate holders that were sent to me are made of aluminum, solidly-built, and have been bent into right angles to the proper dimensions based on my cubicle wall thickness. They asked me what the thickness of my cubicle walls were and the over the cube nameplate holders match that wall thickness perfectly. When ordering, you simply tell them your cubicle wall thickness and the order will match those specifications. These nameplate holders are obviously made specifically for cubicles but they also offer desktop versions for any office. These nameplate holders do not require any fasteners, adhesive, or Velcro and simply rest on top of a cubicle wall securely.

Various Office Images of the Naptags Over the Cube Nameplate Holder

Nameplate packaged well in box.
Nameplate packaged well in box.
Nameplate flipped upside down.
Nameplate flipped upside down.
Nameplate sliding onto cubicle wall.
Nameplate sliding onto cubicle wall.
Nameplate removed from box.
Nameplate removed from box.
Nameplate slides into holder.
Nameplate slides into holder.
My nameplate proudly displayed on my cubicle wall.
My nameplate proudly displayed on my cubicle wall.

The Latest from NapTags!

Here’s a youTube video with some more details:

If you are looking for a high quality nameplate holder for your cubicle, NapTags makes just that – a quality product. There are also a number of other products that they sell as well including dry erase boards, magnetic dry erase calendars, printed nameplates and signs, as well as many different quality tag-related products. You can check out all of their products at Based on my brief experience with the people there, it appears to be a well-run, top quality outfit.

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  • Hello. I’m looking for a standard brushed aluminum style hanging cubicle tag but I’m wondering if you have something that could be more of a square format. My ideal scenario is a one-sided hanging tag that I could slide a 4 inch square image into and has a 1/2″ inch inside for hanging onto a thinner divider. In terms of quantity, I’d be looking at 150-160. Thanks


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