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(Full disclosure: I do not receive any compensation for any NapTags sales generated from this site but NapTags.com does pay a fee to me to advertise on my sidebar.)

When you live in a cubicle or small office for most of your working life, you try to make it as livable as possible. At least I do! As the owner of this website, I was approached by the company called NapTags back in September of 2014 asking me to review the Naptags Nameplates that they sent to me. Here is the review that I did back at that time.

Since that time, NapTags has been an advertiser of mine in my sidebar and they have grown significantly. In fact, they recently moved into a brand new facility so they went from a 9000 square foot building to a 25,000 square foot building. So, if you invest in any of their products, you can certainly know you are investing in a company that will stand by their products, has been around for a long time, and will continue to be in the future.

NapTags.com sent me some Naptags Nameplates samples of their Over the Cube Frame and their Over the Cube Glass Cubicle Nameplate Holder that you can see below:

(Click on any image for a larger view)

Custom name tag made for me!
Over the Cube Frame
The magnetic name tag attaches to the frame
A small suction cup included removes the tag
Over the Cube Frame from the side
Over the Cube Frame in action
Over the Cube Frame in action (another view)
Over the Cube Glass Cubicle Nameplate Holder
Here's a view from the side

As you can see from the high quality workmanship in these pictures, Naptags delivers top notch products. If you want more info click here or click on the image in my sidebar.

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