A Home Office Video Tour for the Ages

Home Office Ideas Galore!
Home Office Ideas Galore!

I'm a fan of Pat Flynn and his Smart Passive Income blog and podcast. Pat is a world-renowned online entrepreneur and has grown his online business to the stratosphere through hard work and determination.

He also has helped many people leave their own cubicles forever for the online world. Since I have an office of my own at home, I was really intrigued when he sent out his latest newsletter of his own home office. I'd like to share with you his video tour of his office. Obviously there aren't many of us who can afford to build and customize this type of home office, but it may give you some ideas for your own work office or home office. Check out the YouTube video below!

What is really interesting is how Pat has organized his office. When you really look at it, it isn't an overly-ostentatious space but he makes the best of that space just as you may have to do in your own home or office cubicle.

Believe me, I am not comparing his home office to your or my cubicle but he certainly has organized it in a way that really suits his own working style. I just think we can all learn from someone who has tried to optimize the space he has to work in each day.

It must also be nice to have the funds to furnish it with the awesome office accessories that he has in his office. Maybe some day I'll be able to incorporate more of what Pat has in his home office into my own. I can only dream! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the tour and it would be great to hear about what you like about Pat Flynn's ultimate home office in the comments below!

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